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Apparel Search is the largest and fastest growing online guide to the Apparel & Textile Industry.   We provide excellent resources that aid industry professionals in efficiently and effectively completing daily tasks.  Simple to follow navigation, provides viewers with easily accessible links to all apparel, fashion and textile related issues.  Hyperlinks reach Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Freight Companies, Customs, Warehousing, Quality Standards, Education / Training, Trade Shows, Publications, Model Agencies, News, Employment etc... 

In addition to our Apparel Search fashioni directory web site, you can visit some of our other web sites as listed below.

Fashion Industry Network is a business networking site for the fashion industry.  This resource is for members of the apparel and industry to meet and discuss business opportunities with other members of the industry.

Designer Search
is a FREE tool intended to assist fashion and textile industry artists / designers / design studios and companies that are searching for assistance with design functions, find one another.  Fashion and textile industry artists can utilize this tool to post their design portfolios and basically advertise their talents while potential employers can utilize Designer Search to find the artists who they would like to consider working with.

Artists/designers can create and modify a Designer Search profile for themselves by utilizing our simple to navigate administration area.  Designer Search profiles can include portfolios of design images and contact information.  In an effort to assist artists who wish to freelance “on the side,” we have included a method for anonymous communication.  This will allow a potential employer to contact an artist without seeing the artist's full contact information. After the designer / artist, receives the first correspondence, they can decide if they wish to respond to the potential employer and only at that time the potential employer would learn the designers contact detail.

Designer Search is a free tool that can provide a meeting ground.  Simply stated, this is a "match making service" to assist with business activities relevant to DESIGN aspects of the fashion industry.  All communication, design approvals, price negotiations, payments etc., will be between the buyer and seller of design services.  Designer Search is not involved with the transactions between artists and employers. All business dealings are strictly between the artist and employer.

The Designer Search b2b portal is for clothing and textile design only.  If you offer fashion industry design services, you are welcome to create a profile ...

Clothing Industry Jobs is a FREE web site to assist with the matching fashion industry employees with employers.

Although the Apparel Search web site had an employment message board system since the first year of the web sites development, the board was for lack of a better word, "terrible".   Therefore, we invested in a new system and have launched our employment site at  If you are wondering why we did not simply place the employment system directly on the web site, the answer is rather simple.  We did not wish to risk overloading our main web site with too many databases.  The idea has been that keeping the employment system at a separate address, would be easier to manage. 

We now have two primary sections for employment issues.

  •  Our Fashion Industry Jobs Directory - employment resources, employment agency listings, job guides, employment articles etc.
  •  Our Clothing Industry Jobs Web Site - jobs database system for employers to post job opportunities for the fashion and textile industry.  In addition to benefiting "employers", the service aids "employees" with locating employment opportunities relevant to fashion, clothing or textiles.  Fashion industry employees can post resumes that they can edit as their experience changes.

The Clothing Industry Jobs web site is a Free service for posting and reading employment opportunities & resumes.  If you wish to post, please post fashion, textiles or Apparel related positions only.

Fashion Directory : here is small website we created with the Google Sites service.

Fashion Industry Calendar : learn about fashion events from the fashion industry calendar.

If you can not find enough fashion news on the Fashion Newspaper web site, you can certainly visit the news section on Apparel Search.  You can simply click this link to Fashion Industry News to see what we offer...