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New website,, to offer unique products, disruptive pricing, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MPPC) announced final plans to enter the model and fashion industry with a new online website called

Model comps, also known as model composites, are used by virtually all fashion models, along with aspiring actors and actresses, to present themselves to directors, stylists and modeling agencies. A typical comp is a two-sided sheet with a number of photographs on one side and relevant information on the other. Model comps are like resumes and are used nationwide. "This is an enormous segment of the digital photo industry, one that absolutely relies on a quality product," stated Robert Quick, Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. "If you look bad on your model comp, you won't get the job. So a quality model comp makes a critically important impression. We are experts in delivering superb quality in digital photographs. Our products will provide models with a competitive edge by making them look great."

 Styles Model management in Toronto, Canada buys new larger office to fulfill its mission of developing & preparing models for the fashion industry. The larger office has a photo studio & make-up salon as well as enough room for group sessions & runway practice. 
Cambridge technology
start-up Sonnet Models are set to change the way aspiring models get onto
the books of the world's leading modelling agencies through a
newly-launched Facebook application.

    Based on the public's votes, the 'Sonnet Face of the World' competition will allow any aspiring Kate Moss to get the attention of top modelling agencies around the world. Sonnet currently has partners in 33 locations and all finalists will secure contracts with leading agencies such as Elite, Diva, Scene and Click. The winners will fly to one of the fashion capitals for a photo shoot with a top photographer to launch their modelling careers.
Fashion Capital of the World - is launching the History of Models, an interactive timeline and original concept series that spans 80 years in the evolution of models. From the socialites who doubled as models to the faces that launched international brands, History of Models reflects and investigates how models represent the changing values of the general public. The idea of beauty has changed dramatically over time, so the "It girl" of the 1940s may have been considered a "plain Jane" in the 1990s.
Real Resorts has been selected to host the renowned TopModel International Competition at its luxury all-inclusive resort, THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen. The World Finale of TopModel International will be held from June 19th - 26th. Delegates from around the world will compete for the title TopModel International 2009. The attendees have already competed and won in competitions including: TopModel Europe, TopModel Latin America, TopModel North America and Caribbean, and TopModel Asia, and Miss Universe.
Ford Models, Inc., the world's leading fashion talent management and innovative media company, appointed veteran talent, marketing and media entrepreneur Jon Diamond as its Chairman to lead the company in the next phase of its growth.


My view: Photographers

They are an agencies friend, without them there would be no agency.      Although all too often they think they do not now or will never need an agency to support them or thier ideas. I have dealt with literally thousands of photographers over the last ten years, I have been told (by photographers) your not a ligitimate agency. And I have found this to come from photographers who, (1) Do not know me or anything about me. (2) Are only trying to promote themselves as model managers etc.(3) They are an amatuer photographer, and finally (4) Have absolutely no idea what an agency does for you. And  a so called "model" will believe a photographer over an agent. An agent who spends thousands of dollars on and website, becoming incorporated, hiring an attorney, an accountant, not to mention investing hundreds of dollars in a model because you believe they will make it in the industry and hope you will recoop your investment. Even though my agency has held major events with 50 to 60 models at one time and at large casino's, we have been ambassodors in  large national events, I am still not ligitimate, in a photographers eyes.

Some agencies charge you a large some of money for "test shots". Some tell you you must provide your portfolio before they will even think of scheduling an appointment with you. Some agencies may even tell you to get your comp cards and bring them to the agency. (which may cost hundreds of dollars) Some agencies make you pay everything and they only represent you. And still get thier commission.

Every agency is different. We started an amatuer model campaign this year, with a twist,  there is talent that has absolutely no money to pursue thier dream. We spoke with our attorney and had a new contract drawn up to include a professional portfolio from TFCD work, for a period of one year, which was sufficient enough time for the amatuer model to become professional.

All the while, when photo's from shoots came rolling in, we marketed those photo's. Which was funded by the agency. It has been a very rewarding but stressful year. Because some appreciate what your doing to help them fufill thier thier dream, some do not. I am not writing an article to promote my agency, I am hoping photographers will understand, you dont have to like me to work for me or with me. And the old addage comes to mind " If you cant say something good about someone, say nothing at all" Lets just try to work together on this.

I have had to ask photographers, please dont shoot our models without asking us, this is because as an amatuer model, the agency is keeping track of thier photo shoots and the type of shoots. We forbid nudity, however some photographers ask the model anyway. I am helping people live their dream, We have a very small cost ( under 15.00) to be on our website. That  we pay a web company to maintain our website and keep it fresh. The agency provides them within a year, a ten thousand dollar professional portfolio, I print out hundreds of photo's a year per model to send to clients, I include models in all major events, fashion shows, brand ambassadors, trade shows etc. The first year, I make zero dollars off of a model.  If that classifies as a scam or not ligitimate, then there is something seriously wrong with someones thinking process! Of course I do make money from already professional models. I wanted to give something back. I wanted to fufill dreams. So, to all the photographers out there, I love what you do, I have never said a bad word about a photographer, if I could do what you do, I wouldn't need you, lets make the world a better place and snap some beautiful people!

What does an AGENCY do for you?

Over the last 10 years, I have seen several modeling agencies come and go but I held steady and firm in my belief that there is such a thing as real people modeling agencies.  However, Some girls do not understand what an agency does for them, they call me anytime asking when are you going to so this or that, yes they call me, the owner, instead of a booker or manager assigned to them. My models in the southern states have never had an agency stay around long enough to know what an agency does for you.  They just dont get, they need me, I do not need them. An agency signs you, only after they are sure they can get you work. After signing, we go to work to help you get a nice portfolio, as this is needed on job assignments. Then we promote you through, trade shows, special events, promotions, car shows, conventions, fashion shows etc. Some models think, they will have work right away, but in many cases we can only send you out once you have learned etiquette, charm and grace. All of these things can be aquired. A girl can not take a few pictures with a photographer and say "I am a model!" There is a lot more to it.

We can not force a client to hire you.

I invest a lot of money in models, even before receiving any work for them. 8X10's and postage alone will cost an agent from 2000.00 to 4000.00 a year per model. We hope that we will recover our money when they go on paid assignments.

Desire will get you very far, attitude will not. You must have humility and be willing to take suggestion and direction.

You must respect what your agency is doing for you.

Avril Lavigne has introduced a brand new merchandise line in conjunction with her latest album "The Best Damn Thing" and is looking for that special girl to be her new "Merch Model." Wanting to give her fans around the world the chance to be it, Avril has teamed up with for the exclusive "Get Dressed by Avril" Merch Model Search, which kicks off today, Tuesday, May 8 at
Spain's top fashion show has turned away a slew of models on grounds they are too skinny - an unprecedented swipe at body images blamed for encouraging eating disorders among young people.

Organizers of the pageant, known as the Pasarela Cibeles, used a mathematical formula to calculate the models' body mass index - a measure of their weight in relation to their height - and 30 percent of the women flunked, said the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain.

The association said Friday it wanted models at the show running from Sept. 18-22 to project "an image of beauty and health" and shun a gaunt, emaciated look.
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