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This section contains articles regarding garment care such as washing, dry cleaning, gown preservation etc.  If you are interested in taking care of your clothing, make sure to follow the instructions from the care label on the clothes that you own.

Learn more about gowns such as wedding gowns, ball gowns, tea gowns, and other types of gowns.

Fingerless Gloves for Men

Are you someone who doesn't normally like to wear gloves or mittens because you do not like to have your fingers constricted? Many people hate the thought of putting their gloves on only to have to take them off when they need to pick something up or brush something off their face so they decide on wearing fingerless gloves. These are not the only reasons why so many people prefer to wear fingerless gloves, but they are legitimate reasons. If you work out doors and need to use your hands but can't while wearing gloves, then try wearing fingerless ones to allow you to be more flexible with your work.

A new pioneering achievement for the SANITIZED AG laboratories, the world-leading Swiss specialists for antimicrobial treatment. After further developing its proven Sanitized® T 25-25 Silver product, the first Silver product with wash-resistant dust mite protection has been launched. New areas of application have opened up through this effect, in particular in the market sector for bedding and home textiles, much to the delight of those with allergies. A patent application has been filed for this product and its unique technology.

U.S. Nonwovens Announces the Formation of American Detergents

American Detergents Corp, a newly formed entity, has announced plans to enter the Private Label & Branded Laundry Detergent market, first quarter 2010. The plans include next generation vertically integrated blow molding, smart blending, & high volume filling substations.

    The company will utilize the latest automated & robotic high speed equipment. The facility will incorporate clean wind energy as well as PURox ultra pure USP water filtration systems in its manufacturing process.

    American Detergents has selected a strategic east coast facility, which will be announced with the States Governor, Local Authorities, & Company Representatives. The final design and engineering are in the process of being completed. All significant agreements for land acquisition, equipment, and engineering have been finalized.
American Detergents Corp. is a privately held Company.
Fabric Restoration Service Team (FRSTeam), one of the largest national fabric restoration specialty cleaners, today announced plans to aggressively expand its business into New England and Upstate New York. FRSTeam provides comprehensive restoration services for fabrics and textiles damaged by smoke, fire, water and mold. The company is currently interviewing drycleaners that are interested in expanding their operations by adding a fabric restoration division to their business model.

“We offer an established and successful program for drycleaners

Ripa shows consumers how clothes can become ultra clean with new 2X Ultra Tide. Kelly and her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, will appear in two television and online advertisements for 2X Ultra Tide. The spots, which feature Kelly and Mark enjoying their lives without the worry of stained laundry, hit airwaves beginning October 1st.
Did you ever wonder the REAL meaning of each of those little icons in your nice clothes?  Here's the "official" translation of these common symbols.


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What’s “Bugging” You? — Introduction 

Insect Damage on Civil War UniformHave you ever noticed mysterious little holes that appear in your clothes and you can’t remember ever snagging or running into something that would have caused them? You could be looking at an example of insect damage! Little tiny pesky insects, so small you hardly see them, may be doing considerable damage to textiles around your home. Generally, you won’t notice them, or the damage they’ve done, until it’s too late. And it’s the babies (larvae) that do the damage…to everything from sweaters, pants, and jackets, to wool rugs, and decorative needlework on your walls. The only damage the parents do is leaving behind their eggs, which hatch the larvae, which then feast on your fine items! Moths and carpet beetles were the originators of the “high protein” diet, as that’s what they thrive on…the protein found in fabrics containing natural fibers.

Click Here for PDF or pick up bookletDepending on the time of year, insect damage ranges from the 2nd to the 5th most common consumer problem related to clothing. Insect damage to textiles in the United States is estimated at $200 million annually. According to the National Pest Control Association, fabric pests are making a comeback because most of the residual insecticides formerly used in their control (dieldrin and DDT) have been banned. This has caused those who deal with the insect damage to take a multi-faceted approach to spotting early signs of infestation, recognizing its causes, controlling the environment, understanding the life cycles of the pests and their “preferences,” and developing new and creative control measures and eradication techniques, and consumer education programs.

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