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This section contains news regarding closeout fashion.  You can learn about closeout fashion events, closeout suppliers etc.

On Apparel Search, you can find resources to help you buy or sell excess clothing inventory.

Have you ever heard the term, "the kiss of death"?  Well, if you work in the fashion industry, you may be aware that Apparel 1 believes that "excess inventory" is the kiss of death to a clothing company.  For those of you that do not understand the meaning, the point is that if a clothing company owns too much inventory the situation becomes "dangerous".  The fact is that fashion continuously changes.  If you own too much inventory and the item becomes "out of style", what do you do then?
Hanesbrands Inc. today announced that the impact of the Oct. 17, 2008, liquidation disclosure by Mervyns LLC and its affiliated entities, which occurred after Hanesbrands third quarter ended, will be included in the companys third-quarter results as a material subsequent event. As planned, Hanesbrands intends to report full third-quarter results at the end of trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Oct. 29, 2008.
Mervyns, a regional retailer in California and the Southwest, recently announced its plan to hold going out of business sales at all of its remaining 149 locations and to wind down its business. The Company intends to effect this process through Section 363 under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

The Off-Price Specialist Center is pleased to report great developments for its inaugural Off-Price Retail Summit & Expo, scheduled for May 6-7 at the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa in Las Vegas.  Their brand-new Retail Advisory Board, whose members include the top executives from America’s largest off-price apparel retailers, will hold its first symposium to discuss key issues affecting apparel buyers today. 

Closeout Apparel at the ASD Show

The ASD / AMD Show in Las Vegas held at the Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Mirage was held March 2-5, 2008. This show is a must for anyone looking to meet wholesale suppliers in person and to find wholesale closeout apparel for resale. If you don't make it to the show, you can find many of the ASD show distributores selling wholesale apparel on

The show is comprised of hundreds of exhibitors of general closeout apparel  covering a diverse line of sub categories including handbags, sunglasses, licensed sports apparel, shoes, leather garments and fashion accessories.

Retailers looking for bargains can find super discounted deals at the ASD Show. This year’s hot selling wholesale products included NHL Hockey Jerseys, Barry Bonds Youth Jerseys, knockoff handbags inspired by Gucci, mixed apparel for $1.25 pc. and Puma sneakers for as low as $14.99 pair.

Many of the closeout wholesale suppliers exhibiting at the show are liquidating overstock at pennies on the dollar. If you are a new reseller, it is important to understand the difference between wholesale and closeout merchandise. Closeout merchandise is often irregular with clipped tags or defects and might consist of store returns, overstock, excess inventory, surplus or even salvage. Closeouts are often sold in mixed lots or offered as a take all deal which means you have to accept unequal size scales and color choices, defects and final sales agreements with no returns. The trade off is you are able to buy cheap and resell for big profits if you buy right. Remember, closeouts are never offered as an ongoing supply. Closeouts are offered first come first serve basis and only available while the supplies last.

There is a lot of haggling going on that the ASD shows. Buyers fly in from around the world to make offers on closeout deals they can resell through off price distribution centers. Many large buyers from large off price retail chains are seen placing huge orders. The larger exhibitors set up Salons but you have to have an appointment to meet with one of their reps. If you didn't make an appointment in advance, no need to worry, there are hundreds of small exhibitors in the back stalls who have stuff they are liquidating for cheap. Thousands of people meet at the ASD show to network and wheel and deal. is an online wholesale venue to meet and make deals with wholesale suppliers worldwide. Janesdeals registered suppliers agree to ship prior to receiving funds. This ensures buyers will receive goods as advertised.
The first step in buying closeout apparel is to understand the difference between closeout apparel and inline wholesale merchandise.

Closeout apparel can be overstock, salvage, surplus, inventory clearance, store returns, factory cancellations, shelf pulls or factory rejects. Closeout apparel might have defects or inperfections. Closeouts can me factory seconds. Closeouts are manufactured worldwide.

Myth: If it comes from China it is fake.

Fact: Made in China does Not mean the goods are fake. Authentic apparel is being manufactured in China, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Hong Kong and many more countries.

Myth: Poor quality clothing with loose threads is fake.

Fact: Authentic apparel is not always perfect. Authentic irregular and seconds are liquidated at the discount factory outlets each day. New factory made goods from China are being produced. These "China produced garments" are of a lower quality but it should be noted that the quality is not relative to the authenticity.

Myth: If the price is too low it is fake.

Fact: Low pricing does Not mean the apparel is fake, it simply means the apparel is discounted for a reason. Factory stores will discount apparel that is being closed out from last season or if there is overstock of the current goods. The factory retail stores discount the prices on authentic branded apparel between 50% - 75% off the retail price.

Myth: If there is unlimited supplies it is fake.

Fact: Many of the factory stores are producing ongoing supplies for the factory outlet stores. The garments manufactured for the factory stores is usually lower quality. The RL and the Brooks Brothers stores are two examples of outlet stores selling unlimited supplies of polos in all sizes and colors.

What does the Labels of Authentic Apparel look like?

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