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Trends in women sneakers

For all those women who want to know about the latest trends in women's sneakers, here's a quick look at some of the hot sneakers on the market today. Sneakers range from ones to relax in or for everyday use, for sporting a chic athletic look or to wear when shopping or traveling, to wear to school and more.

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Tips for Trendy Red Casual Shoes

Red is a stylish and versatile color and is the hottest flavor this season. Red casual shoes add spunk and vitality to an ensemble and are available in all types of footwear designs. Red casual shoes designs are being showcased by several top notch fashion brands and designer labels. To know more about the latest designs in trendy red casual shoes read on.

Buyers Guide to Sling Wedge Shoes

Sling wedge shoes add versatility to women's wardrobe and are a boon to women who crave to add height to their frame without compromising on the comfort factor. Wedge heels were a rage in the 1940's when they were introduced to the fashion world by the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. They are still popular because the wedge heels add to the visual height while providing stability. Unlike stilettos, any women can wear wedge shoes comfortably. Wedge shoes come in all possible avatars ' wedge boots, wedge sandals, wedge pumps, and wedge sneakers and sling wedge shoes. We help you choose some of the top sling wedge shoes through our style guide.

Fila announced recently that it has entered into a collaboration arrangement with ATP World Tour star James Blake to develop a collection of men’s apparel and footwear.  The collection will incorporate the heritage of the Fila brand with a contemporary twist inspired by Blake’s signature style.  He will collaborate with Fila’s design team to create a co-branded collection.  The yet to be named collection will target today’s active male and will be the basis for the development of a long-term licensing business for Blake.

Fila Launches - How Do You Fila

Fila Logo 2007 - shoe company
In an age where technological advances and the online community have empowered consumers by giving each one a voice, marketers are rethinking the approaches they take in executing their brands positioning. Consumers can no longer be spoon fed branding messages or pledges of promise. With the internet, they have a voice and will actively respond. Allowing the consumer an opportunity to engage directly with its brand, Fila is launching a new campaign that embraces the individuality of its consumers by asking them, How Do You Fila?