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Satin, sequins, lace and burlap: wedding tablecloths or high fashion?  Students at the International Academy of Design and Technology, Las Vegas, have risen to a design challenge to take the latest fabrics in party linens such as tablecloths, napkins, table runners, clips and bows, and design completed gowns for runway models at a Las Vegas fashion show.

Best Party Dress's offers Jovani dresses in a kaleidoscope of colors for fall and winter

The top colors for this autumn and winter are represented in Best Party Dress' new collection of Jovani formal wear, available through the Best Party Dress website. The latest Jovani dresses incorporate the colors and styles showcased on runways this fall: pinks, winter whites, rich blues and greens, deep reds, and many other trending shades. With an expansive collection of Jovani evening dresses to choose from at Best Party Dress, couture lovers will find a beautiful holiday dress that is in step with this season's color palettes.

Summer in the city can be a sticky business. In an urban, concrete jungle, just how does a girl stay cool and calm?

Mill Crest Vintage, well known for its iconic vintage wedding dresses, participated in a "Tea in The Park" inspired wedding photo shoot at Central Park, New York City.

Paula Cooperman, of Mill Crest Vintage, conceived the idea to offer one of her former bridal clients, the opportunity to enjoy a glorious day of pampering and to record the event by a top wedding photographer who had a flair for vintage and a photojournalistic style.

The secret to Jovani's success is really no secret at all: make the most stylish, sexiest dresses on the market, and just let them sell themselves. Celebrities and high society gals get their pictures taken by paparazzi as they persist with that old Hollywood question: "Who are you wearing?" That's all it takes.

Ladylike Chic for Everyone with New Look's Royal range of Dresses

With the Jubilee just gone, the world didn't just turn up to see the Queen, they watched with keen interest to catch the outfits paraded by the very lovely and leggy Kate Middleton, throughout the celebrations.

Find Clothing with Style from www.elilhaam.com

There is no doubt that there is a distinct lack of originality in schools, in the work place, at clubs and more when it comes to how people dress. It seems that every department store sells trendy clothing that girls and women are happy to wear. The thing is, there are those of you who are disappointed with the selection of clothing that you have from your local department store or even specialty stores. For those of you with more discerning taste that want to find original clothing options with style, there is Elilhaam at www.elilhaam.com.

Elilhaam offers the styles that you see on the red carpet, as well as styles that you see stars wearing around Hollywood, but that you won't find at your local store. The offer selections in a number of categories that include dresses, coats, jackets, trousers, accessories and more. What's more, you'll find that they offer clothing styles for any kind of event that you can conceive of. If you like clothing with an Asian flair, they have a whole section of clothing just for you.

Whether you are planning for a special event, or you simply like to have a wardrobe that expresses your individuality, www.elilhaam.com has something to offer. Check out their website and see what you're missing today!

Column Wedding Dresses Brides to be can easily use whichever they will just like on the big day. Yet whenever they?

Creating your own on-trend look for spring has never been easier, as New Look launch their exciting new spring dresses collection. The new range covers all of the major S/S 2012 trends, from colour blocking to florals, allowing you to create a fresh new look all your own this season.


Known for its decadent, uniquely printed fabrics and street-chic appeal, Lolly today releases its Spring/Summer 2012 Collection to its over 400 boutique partners nationwide. With select pieces also available via its e-commerce site Lolly Shop, the brand now expands its seasonal offering to over fifty pieces, inclusive of stunning maxi-dresses in bold tie-dyed prints and flirty rompers that easily go day-to-night.

With New Year's Eve quickly approaching, women everywhere are searching high and low for that perfect New Year's Eve look. Frederick's of Hollywood's newly expanded ready-to-wear collection, now available online and in stores, has something for every girl wanting to make an entrance.

Hot Trends in Wedding Dress Fashion

Looking perfect for the perfect wedding day begins with choosing a dress. Whether the wedding is in a Paris chateau, at sunset on the San Francisco bay, or in an opulent garden venue in Sydney, everything starts with choosing a dress.

The hottest trend in wedding dress fashion is romance. Bridal shops are spilling over with princess ball gowns, mermaid-style trumpet gowns and draped Grecian-inspired gowns. Each of these silhouettes shouts old-fashioned romance as brides float down aisles across the world. Ball gowns, trumpet gowns and draped gowns get new life this season with the ousting of stiff and shiny fabrics and the welcoming of soft fabrics and lace. Ruffles on dresses from neck to hemline, of both the delicate and of the bold variety, add individuality to gowns. Ruching gathers and softly pleats fabrics through the bodice, flattering the figures of all brides. Floral touches abound on wedding dresses and range from dramatic cabbage roses to dainty flowers sprinkled throughout the gown’s body.

Old-fashioned and romantic silhouettes are punched up with modern color choices and accessories. Although the traditional choices are white and ivory, brides are now able to push the boundaries of tradition in the color of a wedding dress. The trendiest picks for all over color are blush pinks, slate grays and silvery grays. Short veils and the addition of satin sashes in any color of the rainbow put brides at the cutting edge of wedding dress fashion.

Brides will want to consider locale when choosing dresses for their big day. Fall or winter weddings in chilly climates offer brides another accessorizing opportunity with the addition of a bolero jacket or a shawl to keep their shoulders toasty warm. Brides needing a little more warmth can also choose gowns with sleeves. Off-the-shoulder styles with three-quarter length sleeves are trendy this season and offer more skin coverage than strapless or spaghetti strap styles. Spring and summer brides will want to consider rising temperatures and opt for gowns with less coverage so they can keep their cool. With warmer climates comes the possibility of a beach venue or a garden venue. Brides will want to think about length of gown trains and to consider the weight of gowns for outdoor venues such as these.

Whether a bride chooses the latest trends in wedding gowns or opts for a more traditional style, the way a bride feels in her dress sets the tone for her entire day. With many options offered by wedding gown designers this season, every bride can find her own vision of ethereal beauty for her special day.

Stylish Backless Cocktail Dresses

There are many types of cocktail dresses to choose from. The great thing is that since there are so many options, you have the ability to choose a dress to wear to any type of occasion or setting. Some occasions call for a very formal dress while others are best with casual outfits. A very stylish and sexy dress is a backless cocktail dress. Not everyone can wear this type of dress and it is best to wear it properly to be as trendy and chic as possible. Many plus size women who have extra skin and size on their bodies may not feel comfortable wearing certain types of dresses. Such dresses that reveal a fair amount of skin are strapless dresses or backless so plus size woman may want to avoid these types. A backless dress is great for a petite woman who has a great toned body and the confidence to pull it off. This type of dress shows a lot of skin and can be worn to different places where it will definitely grab attention and turn heads. There are different ways to wear a backless cocktail dress which is mostly in the cut of the dress. For casual occasions you can wear a cotton dress with patterns such as floral designs and even wear it with a mid thigh length. For the less formal outfits, you can dress it down with a number of accessories such as big bold pieces of jewelry such as bracelets or watches. To wear a backless dress for formal occasions, you can try different material such as silk and stick to solid colors. The length if best from knee length to slightly above but you can always wear stockings under the dress to make it very chic and classy. Accessories for formal dresses should be kept to a minimal and have them be very subtle designed pieces. A backless dress should be worn by a woman who has a lot of confidence in their body to show it off. This type of dress can be worn very casually or to much more formal occasions but regardless of the setting, it will always be a classy, timeless look. Unlike other dress styles that come and go within seasons and fad changes, a backless dress is always in style and here to stay. Most importantly, have fun with the dresses and ways to find the perfect outfit.

Stylish Little Black Dresses

The little black dress is a cocktail dress designed by Coco Chanel almost one hundred years ago yet it still is a staple piece of any woman's wardrobe. The dress was designed with Chanel's intention of having a dress that would be a classic style which would remain stylish for years to come. Her design is almost a century old but it still is what the original intention was: a classic all around chic dress. The best feature of the little black dress is that the black color is an all around flattering color for any body type. This makes it a popular choice among plus size women because the color makes their bodies' look much more slim and it is very flattering. Like all dresses that you buy, the dress should be flattering and accentuate positive figure points in the body and minimize the negatives. A black dress will be positive no matter on what body it is on. There are different sub-styles for the little black dress. Some are lace, sleeved, sleeveless, halter top, etc. The standard design and the most conservative look is a standard cut with 2 inch sleeves. This is the perfect balance between showing too much skin and being conservative. You can wear the little black dress to a variety of occasions and settings. Depending on the accessories worn, you can dress up or dress down the outfit to match exactly what you want when you are going out to a party for dinner for example. For outfits that need to be much more casual, you can have fun with the accessories and try on a variety of different things such as jewelry, hats, or sunglasses. If you want to dress up an outfit with the little black dress it is best to wear smaller, silver pieces of jewelry and keep the overall accessories to a minimum. Having minimum amounts of accessories and subtle designs will bring the attention to the face and the dress itself. There are many ways to wear a little black dress which makes the process fun and exciting. Something to remember is that a dress like this is a long term purchase and not a buy that is only for a seasonal trend. Therefore, it is smart to spend a little more on a higher quality product that will last a long time as this is an investment being made.

Ballroom Dance Dresses

Many people might dance for fun on weekends at ballrooms or clubs but there are some people who dance professionally or as a "sport" so to speak. There are many styles of dances such as ballroom dancing like waltz, trot step, and Latin dances such as the tango and salsa. There are much older styles as well such as ballet which has very different dance styles within itself. For each dance style, there are specific dresses made for a specific dance. These dresses are made for aesthetics as well as functionality. A very popular dance is the Latin dances; the salsa and tango. These dances are very sensual which is why the dress costumes are very revealing and show off a lot of skin. This creates to the dance style because there is a lot of close body moves making it very fun to watch as well as participate in as well. The dresses are practical as well because since these dances require fast, difficult moves, you will need something to move freely in without being held down by extra weight or fabric. It also can get very hot on a dance floor and with Latin ballroom dresses you don't worry about getting too hot and sweaty. Another very popular and traditional dance form is ballet. Ballet dancers, or ballerinas, have been around for hundreds of years and there is a lot of history to the dances and the dance costumes as well. One of the most popular dance dresses for ballet performances is the tutu ballet dress. This costume is worn from young children to older mature ballerinas and there are many different patterns and styles to choose from. To begin with, these dresses are very lightweight and made of thin material because most ballet dances require skilled movement and the ability to move around easily. The tutu dress is perfect for this. The traditional colors are pink and black but depending on the specific dance performance, colors and fabric may be different to be more basic or even more elaborate. There are many other dance styles which require a lot of skill and the ability to move. The one common thing all dance costumes have is that they allow you to breathe and the freedom to move with the dance steps required. You can fine a large array of fabrics and colors and patterns to find the perfect outfit for your dance performance.

Different Styles of Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are popular dress items in women's fashion because of the versatility of it being worn to many different events and settings. There are many different styles and within each style there are many patterns and material to choose from which make these dresses a great option for many women. You can wear a cocktail dress with a large array of accessories which will help dress up or dress down an outfit from casual outings to formal settings such as professional work environments. Petite cocktail dresses are very popular because most petite sized women find it hard to get a nice fitting dress. The important key is to pick a dress and fit that is going to make the body look full and accentuate the curves. Choosing a cocktail dress that does not have a petite fit will make the dress look much looser and it will not be a flattering look to the body. Great examples for petite dresses are the backless dress because it shows a good amount of skin which is attractive on a smaller, toned woman. On the other hand, there are plus size dresses as well which are meant for larger plus size woman. It might be harder to plus size woman to wear normal fitted clothing without doing much alterations or tailoring. Many designers are now making plus size dresses to cater for this demographic of woman. The proper dress should minimize the negative features and show off the positive points. For example, most plus size woman may not look good or be comfortable in a strapless dress but they can combat this by wearing sleeved dresses which is just as stylish and attractive. As far as accessories go, you can try many different combinations but the general rule is for formal outfits to wear much more subtle pieces of jewelry and other accessories. Solid color heels silver simple jewelry is great for dressed up outfits with dresses. For a casual outfit, you can have much more fun by wearing bold patterned accessories and bigger pieces of jewelry. The possibilities are endless when trying to figure out how to look good in different styles of cocktail dresses. You can wear them to the park for a picnic or wear an outfit to a professional setting such as a business firm. Remember to have fun mixing and matching different things to suit your own personal style.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

A wedding is an important day in every woman’s life. It is a day that happens only once and most will remember that day forever in their lives. A big part of the wedding process is choosing the perfect wedding dress. Many hours and days are spent into finding the perfect color, design, and fit. There are several things to consider when buying you a wedding dress. The first factor to consider is the location of the wedding. If the wedding will take place in a religious and traditional setting such as a church, it is best to avoid casual dresses or something that may be too liberal. A great dress to wear to a church is a wedding dress with sleeves and the length should be long enough to drape on the floor. This creates a “princess” wedding dress and is popular for women who want to have their wedding to be classy and timeless. On the other hand, there are many ways to wear a dress if the wedding is casual. For example, a casual wedding is one that is on the beach or in a garden. These environments are usually much more relaxed and it is ok to show a little more skin and dress a little less conservative. A great example of a beach wedding dress is a strapless dress that goes slightly below the knees. This is a very fun and young woman type of dress. Something else to consider is the body type of the bride who will be wearing the dress. A plus size woman should avoid wearing a dress that is not flattering to her body such as showing off upper body skin or wearing a dress that is too tight. Instead you need to find a dress style that is flattering to your strong points and hides the weak points. If you have nice legs, a dress that shows off the legs is a good place to start. On the other hand, a plus size woman who has big arms may not want to wear a sleeveless dress and instead go for a plus size wedding dress. There are many options for the big day when choosing a wedding dress. The best tip is to wear something that is comfortable and will keep you happy and not irritated. There are many styles to choose from, the best thing to do is find one that is going to bring out strong positive traits and hide the negative features. Remember to always have fun with the dress picking for the wedding.
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