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Adaptive Clothing

 Adaptive clothing is for the elderly or disabled.  Adaptive clothing refers to clothing designed for people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the disabled who may experience difficulty dressing themselves due to an inability to manipulate closures, such as buttons and zippers, or due to a lack of a full range of motion required for self-dressing. Adaptive clothing typically offers rear-closure designs so that an indivdual can be dressed more easily by a caretaker.  Rather than buttons and zippers, velcro is a more often used for garment closures.  Learn more about adaptive clothing.

With advancements in medicine and surgical technologies and the rise in America’s elderly population, the need for adaptive clothing has steadily grown. This has resulted in Sassy Scrubs’ decision to expand their product line to include custom made adaptive scrubs.

NEW YORK CITY- Mohan’s Custom Tailors is taking the boring and basic out of the word suit by designing a new and improved version for the modern man—the techy suit!   As men are dressing up and going out to dinner dates, museum galleries, and lounges in fine dress, Mohan’s is creating contemporary and handsome designs to fit their needs.  Mohan’s has introduced the fashion of the future with their new tech offerings, including pockets for your Blackberry, iPod, iScribe, Bluetooth and more. Most recently they have revealed the first ever iPad pocket in menswear.

fashion has attracted millions of youth people. It is one of the most popular elements in the world. When we speak about street fashion, we may think of Ed Hardy brand at first. Ed Hardy clothing is the final word in funky youth wear. Often termed as street wear also, Ed Hardy clothing is hugely inspired by the tattoo designs of Don Ed Hardy. The cool heart prints and the skull designs that find a place on many Ed Hardy shirts and other clothing are taken from Don's tattoo designs.
Today, you can see ed stores here and there especially all over the world. If you're planning to choose Paul Smith Jeans as a gift for yourself or families, you can also purchase online, just please visit the Paul Smith Jeans online store( for more discounts and save your money immediately! Good luck!

New Clothing Option for Disabled

More than 40 million people who live with disabilities or other conditions that limit what they can wear now have exciting new options. The Cast Clothing Company announced today that, in addition to providing adaptive clothing for those who live with various conditions affecting their limbs, they now offer custom-made adaptive clothing for an expanded range of disabilities and conditions. Filling the gap left from the current market's limited styles and options to a small group of individuals, Cast Clothing's expanded line is intended to provide a product that meets a customer's individual, specific needs and requirements, regardless of their disability or condition.

Sustainable fashion is fashion that is designed to be environmentally friendly. Fashion designers have recently adopted the idea of sustainability, using more environmentally-friendly materials and methods in clothing production like reduction in wastage, reduction in chemical usage, usage of scrap fabric, gunny bags etc. But are the apparel made out of them actually wearable? Yes, the answer is Dpol technology which can produce ecoi friendly garments which can actually divert us to sustainability keeping the costs low, so as to influence the fashion market on a big picture

Online boutique,, is pleased to launch the new Sp/Su '10 limited edition accessory collections for men's brand, CeeC, and women's brand CeeCee. With a mission to challenge convention, cure commonality, connect community, cultivate conversation and curate consumption, theCOUNTERcorps succeeds each season with their in-house brands. 5% of each purchase is donated to Free Arts NYC. Support their mission and view the newest designs at

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