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On Wednesday, April 13 at 10am, Doyle New York will hold an auction of Important Estate Jewelry, featuring the Collection of Alice Appleton Hay (1894-1987). Mrs. Hay was the daughter-in-law of John Hay, President Lincoln's private secretary and later Secretary of State under Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. The Hay Collection comprises almost forty lots of spectacular jewelry representing a century of jewelry design. Entirely fresh to the market, the Collection has descended in one of America's most distinguished families.

Kingold Jewelry, Inc. ("Kingold" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: KGJI), one of China's leading manufacturers and designers of 24-karat gold jewelry and ornaments, today announced that it will be opening a new showroom and distribution center, totaling roughly 16,000 square feet, in Shenzhen, China's jewelry hub, on April 16, 2011. The launch of the new showroom and distribution center will be celebrated with a grand opening ceremony that is expected to be attended by over 600 people, including numerous Chinese jewelry wholesalers and retailers, senior members of the local government and celebrities from both China and Hong Kong.

Heavenly Treasures has announced the expanded debut of their line of designer Ankle Bracelets. Heavenly Treasures is a well-known family-owned jewelry business offering exceptional value on some of the most exquisite jewelry available, and the expanded Anklet collection is a scintillating addition to their line of designer options.

Alexander Tillander Oy is one of the best known name for jewellery in Finland. The company has strong skills in gemology, diamonds and craftsmanship, and an appreciation of beauty. This is what makes it a highly esteemed, leading jeweller's company in Finland and a well-known business in its field throughout Europe. Alexander Tillander Oy's skill in evaluating jewels is very exceptional in Europe.

Gemvara, Inc., the online retailer of customer-designed fine jewelry, today announces the closing of a $15 million round of Series C funding led by Balderton Capital, one of Europe's largest venture capital firms, with participation from existing investors Highland Capital Partners and Canaan Partners.  Balderton's Mark Evans will join Gemvara's Board of Directors.  Gemvara plans to use the capital to further enhance its jewelry shopping experience, expand the breadth of merchandise featured on its platform and continue providing highly personalized customer service.

Penthouse, the brand synonymous with entertainment, is excited to announce the launch of its redesigned online store, The redesign, visualized by partner Springle, LLC, offers a fresh look and feel as well as an abundance of new features such as specialized product categories and customer favorites intended to enrich the user experience. For the first time, the entire collection of Penthouse licensed merchandise including Penthouse apparel, lingerie, shoes, barware, adult toys, books, jewelry and calendars will be available for purchase on one site.

Christina Hendricks wearing Vivienne Westwood Palladium necklace
Palladium Alliance International (PAI) and Vivienne Westwood are proud to unveil Christina Hendricks as the face of the new Vivienne Westwood "Get a Life" Palladium Jewelry Collection. The award winning actress is lending her classic beauty to the collection, modeling the limited edition jewelry for a photo shoot styled by Dame Westwood in London.  

Gastineau Glamour Jewelry on HSN

Celebrity jewelry designers Lisa and Brittny Gastineau will launch "Gastineau Glamour," a stylish new jewelry line of bold pieces and unique designs created exclusively for multi-channel retailer HSN.  

"I've always had an eye for dressing and accessorizing, and Brittny and I are excited to bring our collection to life when we appear on HSN," said Lisa, who starred with Brittny in the E! reality show Gastineau Girls.

Two-time Academy Award winning actress, Hilary Swank, wore Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie earrings (pinned into her hair) and ring to the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, where she was a presenter.  Scarlett Johansson wore the Dragon Flower Ruby Ring and Ruby Stud Earrings from the Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie collection.  


INDIA  SHINING  ... Styles in gold jewellery designs seen across India.

 Jewellery in India has drawn upon the numerous facets of its people, and has in turn been inspiration and solace to both wearer and beholder. Sculptors and painters disobeyed boundaries between the real, the ideal and the imaginary, generously beautifying their images with ornaments. To the many classical writers, gold was a source of charming visual images. Rulers used jewels as statements of power and prestige. But to the Indian woman particularly, gold holds special significance to her life. It is far more than the ultimate enhancer of beauty, it is that precious thing which stays and grows with her though the different stages in life, as daughter, wife, mother, and in her personal growth as a woman.

The Indian woman has always been very creative in her expression of jewellery and design. In keeping with Indias rich tradition of diversity, jewellery also takes on regional nuances. It is the ultimate and most-personal expression of region specific culture and art, of lifestyles and heritage. It draws inspiration from architecture, dance and even religious customs.

Northern India: Women in north India are known for their love for exquisite jewellery and also for being experimental and flamboyant with their jewellery.

Given the trend of pretentious and bold displays that is the trademark for most of northern India, chunkier the jewellery, the better, making traditional gold a persistent favourite among women in the north.

The mangalsutra has been revived as a fashion statement. Considered a sacred ornament of marriage, designs and style are evolving and becoming trendier. Women in the North are experimenting with antique finishes and embellishments to make the sacred mangalsutra a truly personal demonstration of their style.

Southern India: The latest jewellery trends in southern India vary quite distinctly from the north. Gold jewellery is worn, flaunted and enjoyed, even when the occasion does not call for elaborate accessories. Body jewellery is also becoming very popular. It could range from a scarf made out of gold, an intricate sheath of gold that can be used as a belt or even long hoops worn around the arm.

The arrival of antiques: A huge trend in the south now is toward antique ornate jewellery. The traditional Kasu-malai, the chain comprised of coins flowing from neck to waist, is still very popular in the south, and remains a traditional symbol of status and wealth.

Designs have now come full circle, from the traditional floral patterns, glittering stars, swans and lotus patterns, which are old favorites; geometrical designs, intricate filigree and large abstracts are also gaining favour. The traditional Mullai Mottu Malai necklace, which has replicas of jasmine buds all around it, is an example of this old and new fusion. It remains both seeped heavily in traditional sentiments but using contemporary aesthetics in its design and production.

Eastern india; Assam has a rich collection of traditional jewelry, which is unique and exclusive to the state. These jewelries hold a special place in the heart of the Assamese women and are worn during the cultural and religious events. Jorhat, the second biggest city of Assam, is the main jewelry making centre of the state. Thousands of natives and tourists come here every day to purchase in the numerous outlets in this region. The district also has a number of small scale and cottage industries wherein skilled jewelry makers work to promote this art. The most famous ornaments of Assam are those made of gold. Gold washing and jewelry manufacture has been an important industry in the state from a long time. The metal was abundantly found in a number of Himalayan Rivers flowing throughout the state. A special tribe of people called Sonowal Kacharis was particularly involved in gold washing the various rivers. During the reigns of the Ahom kings, this task was done on an elaborate scale. In fact, the state received a good income from the yearly tax levied on gold washing. Apart from gold, other metals like silver were also used in the conventional jewelry making. The traditional ornaments of Assam include Doog-dogi, Kerumoni, Thuriya, Gam- kharu, Muthi- kharu, Jonbiri, Dholbiri, Loka- paro, Bana, Gal- pata and Keru. All these pieces are unique in design and pattern. Gam- kharu is a large bracelet made of silver or gold with a clasp. Loka- paro is an earring embellished with twin birds, placed one after the other. This may be in gold, ruby, mina, or even plain enamel coating. Jethi pota is a wide band of cloth placed as a row of small medallions, with a central pendant. There is a special type of earring, resembling the orchid ‘kopou phool’. The exquisite design and shimmer of these ornaments truly captivates the attention of the onlookers

Western India: What makes jewellery in Western India so unique is its diversity. Jewellery from Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat are markedly different from each other, but share their preference for using gold as the base metal.

Rajasthan: Jewellery from this arid desert region is an amalgam of traditional Rajasthani craftsmanship and the influx of Mughal culture, which brought in sophisticated know-how to the art of jewellery manufacturing.

Rajasthani jewellery includes the traditional bindi, which is worn in the center parting of the hair. Flower shape pins and hair combs are a strong part of traditional jewellery in Rajasthan. Earrings include a variety of jhumkas, and bangles are thick gold bands called kadas with the two end carved to resemble elephant of peacock heads.

Gujarat: Perhaps the most distinctive item of jewellery in Gujarat is the disc earrings worn by Kutchi women that stretch the ear almost to tearing point. In Gujarat, there are ornaments for practically every part of the body - necklaces, earrings, nose-rings, hair ornaments, bracelets, bangles, amulets, waistbands, anklets, finger and toe rings. Also back in style is Pachikam jewellery, which is traditional to the Kutch region. Pachikam is very delicate jewellery, and much more refined than Kundan.

Designs remain nature-inspire, as it is considered fortunate to wear these types of designs. Maharashtra: Maharashtrian jewellery has its most distinctive feature in the Nath (an emblem of marital felicity) or nose-ring in a paisley shape. The traditional heritage from the Marathas and the Peshwas still reign in the traditional jewellery influences.

Most jewellery is crafted from with excellent workmanship and delicate embossing work. And traditional necklaces are back in vogue; the Hars, Mohanmalas, and the gold-beaded Tushi have now become fashionably popular for the festive season.

Contemporary Jewellery The Indian womans love affair with jewellery does not end with India and traditional jewellery. An forthcoming trend seen especially in the metros has been women drawing towards contemporary jewellery. These are young, fashion-conscious women who desire smart jewellery that can be accessorized with their wardrobe.

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Amsterdam based start-up develops innovative projects that combine web creativity with fine jewellery. "the world's first Twitter ring" launched today. It combines the hugely popular Twitter service with a personalized engraved ring.

Designer Chelsea Charles, creator of Count Me Healthy Jewelry (CMH), is offering a special edition Helping Hearts bracelet for Valentine's Day.  The delicate CMH Helping Hearts bangle features sterling silver, heart-etched beads and distinctive red packaging in celebration of the holiday.  Fifty percent of the profits of every bracelet sold will benefit WomenHeart: The National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease.

TAG Heuer, the leading Swiss luxury watch company, and Parsons The New School for Design today revealed the winners of the "Art of Watchmaking," a 10-week competition that charged eight teams of Parsons product design students with reinterpreting TAG Heuer's classic Monaco chronograph. Each member of the three teams will receive a monetary prize and a TAG Heuer timepiece. Additionally, TAG Heuer has the potential to produce one of the first-place designs as a limited-edition piece.

With barely a week and a half before Christmas, many shoppers have found themselves scrambling to buy last minute gifts. But what about those romantic couples destined to have a holiday engagement?

While many brick and mortar jewelry stores have been picked clean of popular engagement rings and diamonds, desperate brides and grooms-to-be have turned their eyes and pocket books online in search of hot styles and good deals.

Heavenly Treasures, a provider of exquisite jewelry for everyone, has announced the list of the top five jewelry gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season

Heavenly Treasures, a provider of stunning jewelry at exceptional prices, has today announced a list of the top five jewelry gift ideas for this year's holiday season. Finding the best possible jewelry gift is far easier when you know the latest jewelry fashion trends, and Heavenly Treasures provides elegant options in all areas.


Jean Joaillerie was featured Friday November 19 on TRENDHUNTER ! Check This Out:

With the holiday buying season quickly approaching, shoppers will soon be looking for their own brand of tidings of joy with gifts that reflect the magic of the season -- and that provide superb quality with exceptional pricing.

Diamonds have always played a leading role in holiday gift giving, whether it be a unique engagement ring that makes a marriage proposal even more memorable, a stunning pair of classic earrings or a fashionable pendant or brooch, it's a gift that every woman dreams of finding in her stocking on Christmas morning.

Gitanjali USA, one of the world's largest diamonds and jewelry conglomerates, and their retail partners, Samuels Jewelers and Rogers Jewelers and their national affiliates, are making dreams of diamond gift giving a reality this holiday season. Vow to Wow, a magnificent collection of individual diamonds of incomparable quality, are being offered at prices that are unheard of through any other retail store or Internet site, providing an exceptional buying opportunity to secure a custom creation at an affordable price.

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