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Aeropostale Announced Executive Appointments December 2010
Michael J. Cunningham, President, Expands Role

Marc D. Miller Appointed Chief Financial Officer

Mary Jo Pile Promoted to Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement

Aeropostale, Inc.  a mall-based specialty retailer of casual and active apparel for young women and men, yesterday announced three executive appointments that realign responsibilities and strengthen its leadership team.

Fashion Career Blog

There is a new fashion career blog on Blogspot.  The blog is regarding apparel jobs.  In other words, the blog is regarding employment issues relevant to people looking for jobs in fashion or related fields.  Related fields would include fashion modeling, stylists, textiles, makeup artists, warehousing, etc.

Check out the new fashion career blog.

The blog is located at

Yes, the world if simply full of fashion blogs.  In fact, even the Fashion Newspaper has a fashion blog.  However, this one is specific to fashion career blog posts.

Global Fiber and Polymer Producer Adding Investment in Texas

INVISTA plans to invest significant capital in its Texas facilities during the next six years and will expand its employment base to support various initiatives and expected demand for the chemical intermediates it produces in Texas.

“INVISTA’s Texas assets are critical to the long-term success of our global operations. These investments and the resulting expansion of our employment base in Texas are a testament to INVISTA’s long-term commitment to our intermediates business and future growth and profitability.”

Build Your Career at Belk

Belk's success over the years is a direct result of the dedication and service of its associates. Belk hires the best and brightest people who have the skills, ability and commitment to help the company achieve its mission to be the leading retailer in its markets in providing superior fashion, value, quality, service and convenience to its customers. Belk values its associates and is an equal opportunity employer.

ThomasNet Industry Market Barometer reveals that companies are investing in people, technology and capital improvements

ThomasNet’s newest Industry Market Barometer™ (IMB) shows North America’s industrial/manufacturing sector surging forward, accelerating the momentum of its recovery with the promise of further expansion to come. Several key indicators all demonstrate a sector that’s “caught on fire”—taking into account more company growth, fewer business declines, a resumption of hiring, a winding down of layoffs, and new investments.

“Our sales are up 37 percent over the same period last year, and we’ve set four successive months of sales records”

Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M) today said it plans to hire approximately 65,000 seasonal associates in its stores, call centers, distribution centers and online fulfillment centers nationwide for the 2010 holiday season. The hiring plan represents a slight increase from previous years, reflecting the company’s expectations for same-store sales in the second half of fiscal 2010 to be up by 3 to 3.5 percent.

Jones New York Unveils The Little Black Book of Career Advice Exclusively at

Jones New York, a division of Jones Apparel Group, Inc. (NYSE: JNY), announced the launch of "The Little Black Book of Career Advice," which features career wit and wisdom from over 100 influential women. The Little Black Book of Career Advice is a part of the Jones New York "Empowering Your Confidence" campaign, and is a digitally integrated and socially shareable asset that features inspirational quotes from successful women across the country, including Lauren Bush, Arianna Huffington, Bonnie Fuller, Deborah Norville, Bobbi Brown and Ivanka Trump. The book will live on the Jones New York website (

Jones New York's empowerment campaign celebrates the brand's history of dressing women for success for over 35 years and has joined forces with Dee Dee Myers, the first female White House Press Secretary and author of The New York Times best-selling book Why Women Should Rule the World, to help spread the message.

Myers said: "For this effort, we've made it our mission to gather together a unique group of female influencers from the worlds of politics, entertainment, education and business. We're so grateful to each participant for sharing the secrets to her success. The Jones New York Empowerment Movement is important to me on a personal and a professional level, and I hope that women everywhere will find The Little Black Book of Career Advice to be a helpful resource."

Stacy Lastrina, Chief Marketing Officer of Jones Apparel Group, said: "The Little Black Book of Career Advice was designed to help inspire women. We all have collected a great deal of wisdom and advice in our lives and careers, and Jones New York wanted to create a platform on which to share it."

The Little Black Book of Career Advice is one of the enhanced initiatives of the brand's fall campaign. Learn more about the Empowering Your Confidence campaign at

Building a Personal Brand to Maximize your Career Goals

How you begin each day will set the tone for everything else that follows. Having a well balanced life starts with a great morning routine and a positive attitude. So, how does your morning routine usually start out? Hit the snooze bar Get up 20 minutes late Rush to shower Dash to your closet that's packed to the max You say to yourself, “Ugh, I have nothing to wear", or "I guess I’ll just wear this same old shirt and pants today, like I wear every Monday". No time for ironing or makeup Run to the Car and speed through traffic to make it to work on time In today's times, we already have enough things to deal with or that distracts us other than "not having anything to wear". Having a wardrobe that fits our lifestyle and personality will definitely make your morning routine easier and allow you to feel more confident. In addition, having a closet that is highly organized is essential to knowing what you have to wear and styling it accordingly to the look you want to achieve. "Great Style Through Effective Personal Branding" is a philosophy and also an approach to help you take control of how you look, feel, and how others react to you. Everyone from mother's staying at home to corporate recruiting firms see the importance of a personal brand and how it has an effect on your overall well being and how people perceive you. In a recent report published by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE), grooming and interview attire is a very important component as potential candidates market themselves to employers. Overall Grooming was the strongest physical attribute at 73 percent, compared to facial hair and usual hair styles. The physical attributes like grooming and personal styling are items that could make or break a candidacy, according the NACE report. By understanding, the effects and benefits of having "Great Style Though Effective Personal Branding", you can avoid uncomfortable situations like not dressing appropriately for a particular setting. What is Branding? When a company develops a brand they consider their history, values, mission, attributes and their target market. By recognizing these factors they can create a strategy to send their message and purpose to their target consumer. We, as consumers identify with the company's logo and have emotional reactions to the product or service a company offers us. What is Personal Branding? Everyday we encounter people; some of us interact with hundreds of people in one day. Sometimes it’s a mere conversation, other times we only spends just a few seconds around these individuals. The first impression is the lasting impression, which has been noted to last seven seconds. Why wouldn't you want to make an impression that reflects who you are and how you want people to connect with you? If you are a brand, then your clothing is your logo. What impression is your wardrobe giving to those around you? One way to determine this is to identify "what" is your personal brand? What is Your Personal Brand? Start by asking yourself these questions and what needs should your wardrobe serve, and how should it function to support you. 1. What are my goals? Am I in the middle of changing careers? About to get promoted? You have the desire to feel more confident and want to attract the perception of prestige? Write your goals down because these are the type of questions that will determine the tone of your brand. 2. Who is my audience? Superiors? Peers? Your Clients? We all want to be respected by how colleagues, family, friends, so think about who is the most supportive of your goals and they will most likely be your target audience. 3. What part of my personality will contribute to my success and would it be most recognized for? Think of what you're great at, your biggest achievement, or how your peers describe you. A description like: Resourceful, creative, carries integrity, confident and driven". This question is powerful because it can show you how your appearance currently is and bring more clarity on how you can improve your wardrobe situation. Cool, you knocked those questions out, and it feels pretty great right? You've just begin the process of building your brand and vision for you goals. We can use this to create a wardrobe that supports your purpose. Giving Style for Your Lifestyle The answers from the Personal Branding will be used at how you look at your clothing in your closet, which is not just the clothes that are right in front of you. You have to look deeper than just those clothes you always wear together, like clock work and ask yourself if each piece serves a purpose and really supports the element of your brand. For example: Is wearing only white and blue dress shirts to work showing others my level of expertise and creativity? "Is having sweat suits in multiple colors that I wear through the week to run errands and then to parent teacher conferences effecting my level of confidence? Is a tired and oversized suit effectively communicating my need for advancement and being resourceful to the person interviewing me? If you sense a pattern in your answers, or look at your closet and know it’s not supportive of your goals it is time to address your personal brand and make it effective towards your lifestyle. Getting Great Style Through Effective Personal Branding The philosophy behind "Great Style Through Effective Personal Branding" is to have a wardrobe that is controlled by your lifestyle, personality, and not buy impulse shopping, trendy items and other things in your closet you bought but never wear. It is a process that if it’s taught correctly can lead to success in other areas of your life. You can achieve great style that is satisfying and can sustain you for way longer than a couple of seasons. Part of building your personal style is analyzing aspects like getting the proper fit, selecting the right colors for your skin tone and hair, and observing your shopping habits. A great way to gain expertise in this would be to work with a personal style consultant knows how to get "Great Style Through Effective Personal Branding" and who's an expert in achieving the proper fit and style for every body shape while giving them their own signature style. Working with an image consultant will be a great resource for you and can save you a tremendous about of money in costly shopping mistakes, bring focus and vision to your wardrobe. April Spicer, a personal style consultant can help bridge the gap between how you look and how you feel. For more information, you can visit
One  book deals with Fashion Public Relations and the other The Real World Guide to Fashion Selling & Management - Gerald J. Sherman & Sar Perlman, Fairchild Publications/Div.Conde Nast
Check out

Made in USA-Certified, Inc announced today that the first step in President Barack Obama’s agenda to create jobs in the United States should be to ensure that Americans know the products purported to be made in the United States, actually are. There are currently countless products making the claim that they are American-made which, under even the most cursory review of the Federal Trade Commission, would be found to be untrue. Many of these products are assembled overseas using foreign labor, yet trade on the good name of American labor and quality. These false claims not only often result in dangerous, inferior products, they cost thousands of American jobs.

“Every dollar spent by the American consumer on goods produced in China has a net economic value here of $1.50. For every dollar spent by that same consumer on goods produced in the United States, that economic value is approximately $12”

Aeropostale, Inc. (NYSE: ARO), a mall-based specialty retailer of casual and active apparel for young women and men, today announced that it has been named one of the "40 Best Companies to Work for in New York for 2010" by the New York State Society for Human Resource Management and Best Companies Group.

Careers In Fashion Design

There are many types of career choices available within the fashion industry like costume designer, fashion merchandiser, stylist and more.

Resumes and cover letters are clearly important.  Personally, I think resumes are out of style.  I would much prefer the interview "only" as a source to understand the candidate.  However, resumes and cover laters are most definately important in the world today.

If you are in the process of searching for a fashion job, you will need to get your resume in order.

The deepening national recession has generated its fair share of grim news in the labor market as of late. With the U.S. unemployment rate above 7% for the first time in more than 15 years, employers are now becoming much more selective in their hiring practices.

With much more competition these days for each and every job, it is essential to understand fully about what employers are looking for when selecting a new employee. Conversely, you need to know what actions by job candidates frustrate employers, which, in turn, can lead to missed opportunities for job seekers.

This emploment article was not specifically written for fashion careers.  However, the tips are appropriate for any industry.

There are three principal stages of career development. These include:

1. Self-assessment (Who am I?)

2. Career Exploration (Where am I going?)

3. The Job Search (How do I get there?)

An individual who has completed the first two stages will be more carefully prepared to take on the final stage. Getting started can be the hardest part, but investing your time will be worth the results.

In the search for a fashion industry career, the internship is key. Securing a fashion internship is so important, in fact, that many internships are built into educational programs and you can't graduate without one. What's the scoop on internships, and what can you do to get one?
About one fourth of all fashion designers are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you're training yourself, you should have a strong educational base. But where do you start?
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