A Passion for Fashion

Author: tab hunter

For many people, fashion is a culture. It is a lifestyle, a way to express themselves to others. Some people wear clothes that show a bit of who they are or how much money they make, while some wear clothes to make others think they are well off. These people consider fashion as a status quo. Other people prefer to wear simple clothing despite being part of the upper echelons of society. A lot can be said about a person from the clothes they wear everyday.

Fashion is an art form, with the human body as its canvass. Whether it is alternative clothing, street wear, or contemporary fashion, a person's clothes wordlessly make a clear statement. Clothes can make a person feel better about the way he looks, or just simply make him feel comfortable when doing everyday activities.

Throughout history humanity has been witness to many fashion changes. The thing about fashion is that clothes and accessories can only become fashionable for an indefinite period of time. What's in today could be out of fashion in the next year or so, the same way fashion in the 70's is no longer as popular as it was back then.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no singular authority on fashion. It has evolved into an almost sentient consciousness, wherein what a majority of people believe to be fashionable at a particular period in time becomes the next big hit. For example, urban shirts can become popular if a famous celebrity is seen in public wearing one.

Celebrities have a large influence on the trends, but they too fall victim to scrutiny if their fashion sense contradicts the norms. Fashion is so volatile that today's urban shirts are more popular now than how they were 4 or 5 years ago.

When a particular clothing style goes out of fashion, it does not necessarily mean that it is gone for good. Some times, a resurgence of previously popular clothing styles have become prevalent. Many have noticed that the 80s or 70s look can make it in today's fashion scene. So whether people are wearing tracksuits or mens urban wear, it all boils down to being able to pull it off with confidence.

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