A brilliant way of adding glamour in your outfit is by wearing charm bracelets. It doesn’t have to carry any ritual and it will instantly give you added personality and appeal. There are a variety of designs you can choose from to put your best wrist forward and get spotted; ranging from classic bronze pieces with antique embellishments to religious bracelets adorned with symbols of faith.

charm bracelets are not a new phenomena in the fashion industry. As early as pre-historic period, they were made from animal bones, sea shells, clay and precious metals were already being worn. Wearing such was largely a cultural thing as most people wore charm bracelets to keep away bad luck, evil spirit and such. However, different communities had different purposes. Egyptians commonly wore charm bracelets as a sign of luck and faith while Germans intricately made bracelets from mammoth tusks and wore them for aesthetics purposes.

Today, charm bracelets come in different designs and these
handmade jewelry were created from using various materials such as plated brass with glass, plastic, wood and semi precious stones. Metals such as gold, silver with crystal accents, bronze and copper are among the most commonly used to make these accessories. Although the design may vary from one manufacturer to another, charm bracelets will largely be composed of a round chain or broad metal strip attached with adornments or beads or “charms”.

When choosing a charm bracelet for your outfit, there are a number of things you need to consider to ensure you get yourself the most appropriate match. Some people are known to have reactions from jewelry made from certain type of metals. Therefore, you need to identify such metals and keep away from charm bracelets made from them. If there are some special beads you would like fixed, you may need to get a custom charm bracelet made specially for you.

Charm bracelets are normally made of different shades. Consider colors that will go well with the complexion of your skin. Don’t forget comfort. It should not bruise your skin; it should be comfortable to wear. Also, since most attachments are fixed in a way that they can be changed, you don’t want to pick a pair of charm bracelets that will keep falling off. Choose a charm bracelet that is firm. Watch out for metals which easily rust.

Some metals such as steel or copper may look ugly after wearing them for some time; therefore, ensure the charm bracelets are coated well. If chosen properly,
sterling silver charms will definitely make a fashion statement.