There are probably a zillion blog posts and fashion articles regarding Halloween costume trends for 2010.  The reason is two fold.  For one, Halloween is awsome because their is plenty of free candy.  The other reason is that selling Hallween costumes is vey important for retailers.

Last year, Apparel Search had written an article titled, "Where to buy halloween costumes 2009".  Unless some of those Halloween costume retailers went out of business, that list of costume stores should still be helpful for 2010.

Do you remember the 2009 Halloween costume trends?  Well, do not worry if you have forgot about last year.  Here is some helpful tips for 2010 Halloween costume trends.  Actually, if you want more detail, you can check the Halloween costume trends 2010 blog post by Apparel1 on the Fashion Industry Network.

In all honesty, I do not care what you wear for Halloween this year.  Nor do I care where you buy your costume.  However, I do hope that you purchase a halloween costume some where because that will help support the fashion industry (costumes are a type of apparel).  Even if you make your own costume, that is fine too... Hopefully, you will use plenty of textiles to make it...

Happy Halloween.