Are you anxious to learn more about fashion in the United States?  If you are ready, I have a good suggestion for you.  You should try the Fashion in United States section on Apparel Search.  This new area of the Apparel Search website is a guide to fashion in the United States.  You will learn about fashion brands in the USA, fashion trends in America, fashion stores by location in the USA and much more.  Are you looking for shoe stores in California?  Try the fashion shoe in California section (if you really enjoy shoes, you may also want to check out the shoe search website). 
The United States fashion section does not yet have a section for handbags.  However, I hear from a source that this may be in the works.  For now, if you are interested in handbags, you can try the designer handbag directory website.
If you have some spare time, check out the Fashion in United States guide.  I think you may enjoy what you experience.
By the way, some of the states that may have a larger role in the world of fashion may have listings by region.  For example, if you are looking to learn more about fashion in New York, you will also have the opportunity to investigate fashion in The Bronx, fashion in Brooklyn, fashion in Manhattan, etc.