How do you add a listing on Apparel Search?  For that matter, how do you add company listings on other fashion sites.

In regard to Apparel Search (, it is rather simple to add a listing to this online fashion directory.  Apparel Search has an instructions area that explains the process.  You should note that their is a small set up fee to create the listing.  Howeve, the fee is currently set as a one time fee and is very fairly priced.  I am not going to list the actual price in this blog post, simply because the price may change in the future... I would hate to provide you incorrect info depending on when you read this blog post... To add listings for your clothing or textile company, you can visit the "add your company" section of Apparel Search.  You will actually find a link to "add your company" at the bottom of any of the websites pages.  You can go to add listings now, or visit the page in the future at  From that page, you will learn the process of submitting information and the cost.  Please note, it may take a week or two for your listing to be posted.  If for some reason you do not get a reply e-mail from Apparel Search in two weeks (after payment) confirming the location of your listing, you can then e-mail a follow up.  Also, make certain that after you submit your payment, you also must submit your company details by e-mail that same day.

In addition to adding your fashion company to Apparel Search, you may want to create listings on other apparel or textile relevant directories.  You can find several at the Fashion Industry Portal website.  Note: ALL of the directories listed on the Fashion Industry Portal website are reviewed by humans.  If you attempt to list on a directory that is not directly appropriate for your business, you may be banned for "all" of the directories.  Be very careful to only submit to the proper directories.  You can submit to more then one if they are appropriate.