As we all know, bags are divided into many types, the following is a brief description of outdoor sports backpack.

Mountaineering bags

Two categories: one is the volume between 50-80 liters backpack, another type is volume between 20-35 liters backpack, also known as "assault bag". Big mountaineering bag is mainly used for transporting mountaineering supplies when climbing the mountain, small mountaineering bags are generally used for high-altitude climbing or assaulting on the tip. Dedicated mountaineering backpack is used to cope with extreme environments, and the making is fastidious and unique. This bag body is lanky, the back of the package according to the body's natural curve to design, in order to reduce the pressure of the straps on the shoulders. This kind of bag have through waterproof processing, it will not leak even in the rain. In addition, mountaineering bags except for mountaineering, in other adventure sports (such as drifting, across the desert, etc.) and long-distance travel are also widely used.

Traveling bags

Big travelling bag is similar to the mountaineering bag, but the shape is different. The front of the best travel backpack can be fully opened through the zipper, very conducive to take out and put things, while the user put things into mountaineering bags usually from the top cover of the package. Small travel bag has a wide variety of styles, be sure to choose comfortable one, not only pay attention to the appearance.

Bike package

It is divided into hanging type and satchel style. Hanging type can be carried, also can be linked to the package on the bike before or after shelf. The backpack style is mainly used for high speed riding bike tours. Bike package always has reflective tape reflecting light, in order to ensure the safety of night riding.

Back frame bag

This kind of bag is composed of inclusions and external aluminum shelf. It is used to bear large size items, such as photography box, gas tank, etc. In addition, many backpacks on the signs are marked with which sport is suitable.