In the cold winter, most of girls want to wear the thick coats for keep warm. It is a problem for the shorter girls how to choose clothing which not only can keep warm but also show higher. Today, author recommends several winter mix of fashion, simple, good looking, and show tall. letís go to the korean fashion online shop: to pick your beloved style,and learn the clever skills of winter clothes collocation. Down jacket winter is definitely the hand piece. Like the stitching hem down jacket is popular this year, design style is also very practical. Indentation stripes will not seem bloated. Inner red bottoming shirt, worn under the gray leggings or jeans are very nice. Hooded fur collar jacket short paragraph, tooling style, hit this year, simple design, easy version of the type in the expression of a leisure and free personality. Red festive is suitable for wearing. Inner sweaters jeans, thick-soled shoes fashion, handsome, very petite girlsí exquisite temperament. Tooling army green fur collar coat, very casual simple version, fur collars and cuffs looks very texture, is also very warm. Army green this year big love uniform wind. In a white sweater wearing shorts, black stockings, snow boots, very high of warm. Striped Plush coat, red stripe is very humorous, worn on the body to spirit. Plush coat is more popular this year, style simple, warm, but not fat. In a white sweater, wear black tights, black leggings, boots, very little fresh feeling oh. Winter leisure sweater set out very fashionable dress, winter sweater very good match, with coats, woolen jacket, vest was cool, foot wear snow ultra warm fashion wholesale clothing. Plush large lapel vest, the very texture of a garment, worn on the body fully fashion taste. Inner grey rendering sweater wear black shorts black tights, plush snow boots, a winter warm complacently. The light in the long coat, simple design, fresh and bright. Winter clothing collocation can Panasonic tight, can also narrow width of, also can be stacked to mix, each with a matching principle can show the height advantage. With black bottoming shirt, denim shorts and black tights, snow boots, high sense of fashion. Big red loose sweater, popular this year, many kinds of styles, for easy loading, boys wind especially popular, with simple, to highlight their fashion taste, very atmospheric. With tight black trousers, boots, a warm new. More wholesale Korean fashion are supply from the Korean clothing wholesale online shop. There are supply the women dress wholesale 、wholesale women shoes etc.Welcome you to click into our website ,and wish you can find your favorite style.