In the cold winter , most of girls dress up themselves can't do without the not only keep warm but also fashionís down coat. Then, do you want to know what are the new style of down coat in 2012 winter? Today, author introduce several newest down coats for us reference. letís go to the korean fashion online shop: to pick your beloved style,and learn the skills of winter clothes collocation. The this light red down jacket coat, seemed particularly Western style, cute? The animal plush distinctive pattern stitching, very stylish. A very suitable for the vitality girls winter The black long down jacket coat, Slim version of model, regarded in the down jacket is a rare Winter easily noticeable fat dressing, wear thick winter wholesale clothing, was bloated. MM are the best choice for the waist section down jacket, thin effect is to force it. Blue down jacket and long sections jacket, the version is simple and generous, with a bit fresh and delicate feeling, a very suitable winter coat. Short white models down jacket coat, clean and fresh color, gives a refreshing feeling, black trim and black clinch, fine workmanship, simple design, fashion and generous. Suitable for winter wear bright color clothes point, people seem more energetic and can show off the good color. The fruit green short down jacket, into the white wave point elements of design, slightly cute and playful. European and American big wind down jacket, this season worthy of your own Oh! Plush collar of design, fashion and warm the hem with skirt style design, play a warm effect at the same time, and do not fall fashion, a beautiful, real wear winter attire. Platinum Blonde Short down jacket coat, this jacket coat thin plate, to match black sweater was thin pants with snowflakes jeans will be more personalized. Petite girls can be a lot of attempts to close a short paragraph down jacket with skirt + boots wear very noticeable sweet temperament. More wholesale Korean fashion are supply from the Korean clothing wholesale online shop. There are supply the women dress wholesale 、wholesale women shoes etc.Welcome you to click into our website ,and wish you can find your favorite style.