How to select Fashion Courses and Fashion Schools when you simply are not sure what to do?


It is certainly NOT easy selecting a fashion school.  Sure, it is easy to find a list of schools, but that is much easier then deciding which one to actually attend.  Let’s be honest, the educational facility that you select is extremely important.  Your education sets the foundation for your entire career.


After you determine which college or university is best for you, you will then need to determine which fashion courses are most appropriate for your objectives.  My suggestion is that you contact a guidance counselor at the university or college you have selected to attend.  They would be the most qualified to assist you.  You can also consult with members of the fashion industry network regarding fashion courses that they would suggest.  However, you should always think of their comments as “suggestions”.  It is really up to you to make your final decisions.  Again, I would suggest you speak with employees of the school to determine the best courses based on your career objectives.


Here are a few fashion schools to consider (these links will take you to the plus dragon fashion scales about the schools):

Central Saint Martins