A Tribute to the Art of Painting, the Spring-Summer 08 Collection of Abed Mahfouz, Lebanese designer, important name of the International Haute Couture, bridge between Orient and Occident. This Collection draws attention to canvas like representation. It portrays the original curves of the drawings with a reproduction of soft brush strokes.

The dresses are either dynamically colored or lightly tinted; the tones vary from soft Pistachio to dazzling Yellow. Vivid seasonal colors on double-sided fabrics give the Collection an imaginative sensation.

Light fabrics, such as silky tulles, muslins and satins along with the exceptional display of flowing figures and “Pťtal”Effects accentuate the fluidity of the gowns. The art of “Splash” is omnipresent in various forms such as liquefied precious metals, a spill of jewelery and in form of prints mixed with oversized flowers patterns. The geometric lines of embroideries, clearly visible through out the Collection, create a modern spirit for elegant women to enjoy.

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