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Laura Susstance is a freelance content writer from The UK, her specialities include financial and fashion orientated content though she has recently been contributing to Watch Harbour due to her love of watches.

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Five Of The Best Menís Watches Over $10,000

The popularity of the mechanical Swiss watch is rising pretty much every year, especially in the men’s sector. It has proven itself to be recession-resistant and exports so far this year are up by 16.4 per cent. Many who have a little knowledge about the industry have realised that purchasing the right watch can be a long term investment, although this inevitably means a high initial outlay. Therefore let’s look at the best men’s watches available to buy, in excess of $10,000. There are four golden rules when it comes to investing in a watch that will give you return on your investment:
  1. The timepiece should be made by a top luxury watch brand (some independent newcomers are giving big name brands a run for their money)
  2. The watch should be from a limited batch. (The fewer pieces made in a certain edition, the rarer/ more expensive it will be.)
  3. If the limited edition watch was produced for a special event or landmark, its value will increase due to the special meaning / link to time in history.
  4. The watch should be complex and of the highest craftsmanship., the online affluent lifestyle guide have identified the following six watches which meet these criteria, all with a purchase price of upwards of $10,000: Patek Philippe 5130P Mecca Edition World Timer Platinum Inspired by the holy city of Mecca, this watch was released in 2011
  • Only 149 others of its kind
  • Displaying both World Time and 24 times zones
  • Priced at $73,593, the uniqueness of this watch is expected to be worth more in the future
Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 Boutique New York
  • Style mimicked the look of its products from the 1920s
  • Only 64 ever made
  • It has large Arabic hour numerals and detailed hands and finished with a hand-stitched alligator strap
  • Priced at $36,400, and with its unique look and scarcity, it could rise in value quickly.
Breguet Marine Platinum & Rose Gold
  • Only seven exist in the whole world
  • The 18 karat gold dial plate features a subtle wave pattern and is completed with delicate pink gold hands.
  • This watch is so rare that one of the pieces sold for more than $138,000, 2005 T
  • The rarity of this model combined with its craftsmanship will increase its value over the years
Lange & Söhne Tourbograph “Pour le Mérite”
  • The most complex and exclusive wristwatch made by the label to date.
  • Featuring a solid silver dial, blue steel and gold-plated hands, and a 41 mm sapphire-crystal glass case
  • Only 51 pieces made
  • Priced between $500,000 and $525,000.
F.P. Journé Vagabondage II
  • Its smoked sapphire crystal dial gives you the ability to see the watch’s inner movements while not taking emphasis away from the time readouts.
  • Limited edition, only 69 platinum pieces available at $49,700 and 68 pieces in 18k rose gold are available for $47,900

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