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Sassy Scrubs was the first company to offer print designs in scrub wear and the first to offer cotton as a fabric choice. Our company also saw the need for a broader size base for our customers, offering sizes from XXXS to 6XL. Customers needed more choices for size and for length of garments. Customers wanted more variety. Sassy Scrubs recognized that need for choices. And we delivered. Sassy Scrubs was rejuvenated and invigorated in 2003 by the current President, Karen Bradley.
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Sassy Scrubs’ ground-breaking Lab Coat Specialist Program, combined with their top-notch customer service, makes Sassy Scrubs the Go-To Company for hard-to-fit medical, veterinary, and dental workers.
Sassy Scrubs has joined alongside many other environmentally conscious US based manufacturers, taking their “green" environmental initiative seriously. Their ecological responsibility to their environment goes beyond a business policy, and has become a natural commitment.
December 2, 2011 – Penn Yan, NY - - Sassy Scrubs, a US based scrubs and uniform manufacturer, announces the first addition to their new “Chef & Home Cooking" line of products. Their newest offering is a Plus-Sized Apron, which is designed to fit up to a size 9-XLarge. This is the first of several new items to be unveiled in this exciting expansion of their current product line. Best known for their custom made medical and nursing scrubs, Sassy Scrubs President, Karen Bradley states “Due to the overwhelming increase of requests from our customers for fashionable products that can be used by chefs and home based cooks, we’ve decided it was time to expand our current product line. Our goal is to offer products that can be both fun and fashionable at home or on the job. Adding a plus-sized option for our aprons was a natural expansion of our Company’s current business philosophy, making our items available to everyone, no matter what your size." The company’s new apron will fit up to a size 9XL, thereby providing a product that is difficult to find in the general marketplace. For decades, everything from calico dresses to microfiber tops have been protected from spatters and stains by the wonder of a simple apron. In the age before washing machines and stain removers, grandmothers and moms, cooks and teachers knew of the importance and usefulness of a sturdy apron. Melding fashion and utility in apron design was one way the homemaker of days past was able to practice skills and create a lovely garment, while still producing a practical utensil for her kitchen, and her life. Practicing skills borrowed from quilting, embroidery, and other needle arts, homemakers often decorated this useful kitchen tool to brighten their day, and to demonstrate their level of skill in these areas. Today’s resurgence of interest in aprons revolves not only around the utilitarianism of the simple smock, but more so around a new-found appreciation for the art and skill exhibited in the beautiful details of this useful garment. Because Sassy Scrubs makes their Aprons from hundreds of fabric choices, they have become experts at creating a striking, yet useful garment, geared to the individual tastes of each customer. Whether their Apron fabrics feature dragonflies or vegetables, guitar picks or horses, the fashion element added to their custom made Aprons is as unique as the garments are useful. Bradley states “We have become fascinated with how these useful garments can be constructed with durability and utility, fashion and individuality in mind." Sassy Scrubs will soon be releasing their new Chef’s Hats for their “Chef & Home Cooking" line, as well as a new plus-sized scrub top featuring sporty and fashionable stretch side panels. For more information, please visit them at http://www.sassyscrubs.com
The hit TV show, Treasure Hunters Roadshow, finds a new treasure: Sassy Scrubs. The two companies worked together to solve a unique security situation facing the staff at THR.
Landstuhl Hospital Care Project is pleased to welcome a new corporate sponsor—Sassy Scrubs, an internet retailer and manufacturer offering custom-made scrubs uniforms. LHCP provides donations to military medical personnel deployed to combat support hospitals.

Sassy Scrubs Announces Employee Promotion

Sassy Scrubs’ customer care specialist, Emily Gates, is promoted to Customer Care Manager.
The opening of a new Lily Orphan Care Orphanage in the NanYang province of China brings about another donated shipment of baby blankets. In the cold winter months, these blankets are critical, and can mean preventing the loss of fingers and toes through frostbite for the smallest of babies.
Scrubs manufacturer Sassy Scrubs announced the release of the newest item in their new “Chef & Home Cooking" line. The company’s new Chef’s Toque Hat brings the company’s custom-made scrub products out of the doctor and dentist office, and into the kitchen.
United States based manufacturer and e-commerce company Sassy Scrubs announced the addition of Maternity Scrubs to their already popular Clearance Scrubs Outlet service, offering medical professionals a chance to purchase maternity scrub-wear at a cost-conscious price.
To aid in America’s economic recovery, many US based wholesale and retail companies are on a search for Manufacturers to create products with the coveted “Made in the USA" label. Sassy Scrubs has stepped into that arena by offering Private Label Manufacturing services.
In today’s highly competitive online retail market, many companies find social media marketing a double-edged sword. Today, Sassy Scrubs announced the release of its new social media initiatives.
Today, Sassy Scrubs announced an expansion in the number of plus size medical uniforms in their Clearance Scrubs Outlet. The United States based manufacturer and e-commerce Company now offers medical professionals a wide assortment of hard-to-find scrub-wear in plus sizes up to 6XL.
Sassy Scrubs announces their participation in the Year of the Dragon Fashion Show, being held at the School of the Arts in Rochester, NY, and hosted by the FCC-Rochester Teen Group. Other designers featured are Vera Wang, Suzy Chin Maggy Boutique, Joseph Altuzarra, Kathrine Kwei, Red Thread Designs of Toronto, and Kim’s Fashions in Boston.
With advancements in medicine and surgical technologies and the rise in America’s elderly population, the need for adaptive clothing has steadily grown. This has resulted in Sassy Scrubs’ decision to expand their product line to include custom made adaptive scrubs.
Sassy Scrubs and Ripley’s Aquarium team up to bring you a one-of-a kind experience at the new Dinosaurs – When Giants Ruled exhibit. Sassy Scrubs provided the paleontological lab coats, and Ripley’s provided the dinosaurs.
July 31 2012 - Penn Yan, NY -- Sassy Scrubs, the custom medical nursing scrub manufacturer based in the United States, announced the expansion of their scrub garment fabric line to include an extensive offering of new batik prints. Batik Scrubs are popular for their beauty, as well as for the mystique surrounding how they are made. A recent increase in batik scrub sales prompted the company to expand the number of batik scrub fabrics available to their customers to use when building their own scrubs online at the manufacturer’s e-retail location Sassy Scrubs dot com. Sassy Scrubs is currently in the process of having an exclusive product line of batik fabrics designed and printed just for their customers. The fabrics will include skeletons (for x-ray technicians and chiropractors) as well as a fabric featuring eye glasses (for optometrists and ophthalmologists). “We are very excited to not only offer our customers fabrics that target their clien base (such as a chiropractor wearing skeletons), but also to be able to offer those fabrics in the exquisite and unique form of Batik," states company President, Karen Bradley. The process of Batik is a wax resist decorative technique used on fabric. The intricate Batiking process begins with the skilled artisan dying or screening a fabric to create a vibrant color base. Next, one or multiple layers of wax are applied to the colorful fabric to form beautiful designs. Wax designs range from intricate and detailed to large and bold. The application of this layer of wax also preserves the base color of the dyed fabric. Once the initial wax design is applied, additional layers of dye and wax are applied as necessary to provide the stunning depth, texture, and color that is unique to batik fabrics. If a crackled look is desired, the artisan can simply ‘crack’ or break the wax before dying; allowing color to penetrate the fabric in the exposed crack. Once all waxes and dyes have been applied, the batik fabric is finally dipped into hot water, which removes the wax and excess dye, and reveals the artisan’s final pattern. Sassy Scrubs Batik fabrics are hand crafted using one of these three unique designs methods: Tjanting tool. Pronounced ‘chanting’, this tool is often made from a hollowed out piece of bamboo or teak wood and then fitted with a copper or brass head or tip. This special tip allows the artisan to apply a free hand design of wax directly onto a fabric. The tjanting tool holds and dispenses hot wax in such a way that the artist can control the pattern laid down by the hot wax with a great deal of precision, giving them control over each unique facet of their artful designs. Tjap Stamp. Pronounced ‘chop’, A tjap is a series of copper plates arranged on a wooden handle. The fabric artisan will create a design, and a metal artist will make the actual tjap. Tjaps are used to carry the hot wax to the fabric. Using the tjap, artisans apply wax to a fabric by hand-stamping the pre-made design onto the fabric. This method is most preferred when producing large volumes of batik because it is simple and quicker than a tjanting tool. Sponge or Brush. Using a sponge or a brush, artisans apply wax and/or dye directly to fabric. Sponges and brushes of all shapes and sizes are used to achieve the desired design details. The sponge method is often used for less intricate, larger designs, as it is more difficult to achieve the details necessary with a sponge tip. The resulting product of this ancient process is a one-of-a-kind fabric, from which customers can order their custom-made Sassy Scrub top, pant, jacket, lab coats, surgical cap and other garments! With colors that are vibrant, stylish and fashionable, Batik Scrubs are ideal for medical scrubs or nursing uniforms. Batik Sassy Scrubs are professional, comfortable, and luxurious; adding a touch of beauty to their customers’ scrubs wardrobes. For more information about Sassy Scrubs and their line of batik medical and nursing scrub products, visit them at http://www.sassyscrubs.com Press Contact: Karen Bradley Sassy Scrubs One Keuka Business Park Penn Yan NY 14527 315-531-8013 [email protected] SassyScrubs.com
Sassy Scrubs, a USA based medical uniform and nursing scrub manufacturer, teamed up with Dr. H20 from Kansas City for a fun project by providing him with a custom made lab coat fit for a superhero.