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PrettyUnused consists of a team of Fab Stylist's, Artist's & Writer's. We have our fingers on the pulse of fashion & hearts for charity!Check out our Blogtique! http://www.prettyunused.com

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Introducing PrettyUnused.com

Take a personal shopper/costume designer/hollywood stylist to Hollywood heavyhitters, add a seasoned fashion editor at Lucky, InStyle, W, Essence, just to name a few and there you have the birth of PrettyUnused.com, a blogtique offering amazing “gently used” pieces worn by celebs, seen in movies, and inside the pages of fashion magazines at a fraction of the cost, along with musings, style counsel, late breaking news, and other random thoughts on la Mode. For those who are obsessed with all things fashion and style, AND AMAZING DEALS, we are your ultimate online destination…
At Pretty Unused Blogtique, not only are the goods sold at a fraction of the cost, but here you can even NEGOTIATE! Yep, if you think you should pay less than what we are offering- no problem, make us an offer… all while donating to a good cause. Great Deals, Negotiate and Donate 1. Great Deals: Pretty Unused is committed to bringing you amazing pieces at even more amazing prices. Goodies are collected from various fashion shoots, movie sets and runways. The Pretty Unused team rely on their fashion expertise and connections to wrangle beautiful, unusual offerings from hollywood’s elite, fashion editors, and showrooms to score the most exquisite pieces for our beloved clientele. 2. Negotiate: Think you’re paying too much, no problem. Click on the link "Ask a question about this product" and ask us for a better deal! We will get back to you as soon as possible. All negotiations must be requested in writing using this form. One negotiation is accepted per request and codes given for discount at checkout are only good for 24hrs. 3. Donate: Giving is good for the soul! So, 10% of all sales are donated to The Humane Society of the United States. You may have heard of them. They have one mission: Celebrating Animals and Confronting Cruelty. Just a sample of why we love supporting them. One important thing one must learn when it comes to fashion is how to rock it! So once a month the team at Pretty Unused donates clothing (and the skills of how to wear it) to "The You Turn Project". An organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, daily living skills training to underprivileged children. Check them out here, their work is pretty impressive! PrettyUnused consists of a team of Fab Stylist's, Artist's & Writer's. We have our fingers on the pulse of fashion & hearts for charity!

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