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Renaissance-Festivals.com is the only website with large and superior quality of dresses and costumes belonging to medieval and renaissance era. The fine texture of our fabrics and variety in designs will mesmerized you and take you to that era. From machine made cloths to delicately decorated designs from hand, our cloths touch the every nuisance of elegancy and earthy look.

Renaissance-Outfits.com provides the varieties in pirate shirts, pirate coats and vests, pirate pants and kilts, medieval doublet and tunics, cloaks and capes, dresses and gowns, medieval chemise and bodice, skirts. To give you a complete feel of characters you wanted to be we have a whole range of accessories such as pirate swords, medieval swords, latex swords, hats and crowns, scarf, sash, belts, rings and necklaces, sporrans and pouches, rapiers, Short swords and cutlasses and premium swords.

Boots are the least considered items when it comes to dress like one of your favorite character but this negligence can lead to the altered look, also adds a sense of incompleteness to the character and this especially happens with the person who wants to portray themselves like pirates or knights. Pirates were always on sea voyages, they had to bear the changing weather of sea. To tackle with that condition they mostly wore shoes or boots. Knee High boots were so famous among them that it became a trademark for pirates. Ladies high pirate boots ($ 54.95), ladies pirate boots ($ 150.95), women rear lace renaissance clothing style boots ($ 121.95), women thigh high renaissance style boots ($ 126.95), high sea boots ($ 72.95) and brown PU pirate Boot ($ 50.95) are some of the collection of boots for both men and women.

The costumes of nobilities and royalties were different from the people of lower ranking in terms of richness of fabric and designs. The precious and sparkling stones and gems were embedded on wardrobe of upper class people. On the same line we have also created a unique range of medieval costumes that can match up with the quality of the costumes designed for nobilities and royalties for the special occasions like weddings, theme based events, parties and festivals. Princesses of pearl dress ($ 99.95), Isabel silk dress ($ 99.95) and Athenian gown for women; captain La Sage vest ($ 99.95), nobel tunic ($ 77.95), renaissance costumes ($ 36.95) for men are some costumes able to provide you the same feeling and pleasure of being upper class people of medieval era.

Lower class people did not have the approach to valuable materials due to Elizabethan Sumptuary Laws, so most of their cloths were made of lenin, shipskin, wool and cotton. Tudordressing.com has also explored in this direction too. Ameline peasant dress ($ 66.65), country maid skirt with bodice ($ 89.95), Gloriana dress for women and farmerís tunic ($ 77.95), Huntingdon brown under tunic are a few dresses from a our vast collection. The dresses of the lower class are designed in such a manner that they can be used in everyday life as these are less costly and much appealing in todayís time.

The collection of jewelries will take your heart away, the unique design and authentic look makes them enchanting. Celtic knot necklace ($ 24.95), Gypsy necklace ($ 24.95), the queen cross pendant ($ 30.95) defines the class and elegance of that time. If you are really wearing one of our items from this collection then people cannot resist themselves gazing at you.

If you impressed to renaissance costumes era and want celebrate renaissance medieval festival then visit for renaissance clothing, medieval fancy dress, pirate shirts.

Renaissance era which came into existence during 14th century brought a new wave of fresh ideas and imaginations into the people. The period which is marked as the rebirth from the long black history of Tudor era boots the feeling of self respect and reliance. Advancement in technology and emergence of middle class made the drastic change in the living standard of common people which reflected in their living way, the way they eat, dressed and behaved - everything was changed about them.

Costume which is the inseparable part of every civilization had its significance in medieval history too. The designers of that period were greatly influenced by German and Italian garments and mostly used for designing the wardrobe of rich people, who were not only the trend setter but also they took the piece of clothing as a means of showing wealth; they basically wore Ďwealthí. People of lower section did not have reach to such a magnificent costume, they wore the cloths as a means of need and utility.

The fabrics used for making the wardrobe of wealthy people were basically dark in color to show off the rich embroidery, valuable gems and stones. Cotton which was considered as poor menís costume was now expensive fabric and taxed heavily while importing. Not only cotton; silk, brocade, damask and velvet were also expensive fabrics. Expensive medieval costumes were like investment for its maker because of its rich fabrics and valuable stones and gems stitches on it. On the other hand shipskin, lenin and wool were the fabrics for lower class people.

The Elizabeth symphony laws of Tudor era which was based on material and color of fabric were still into existence but its effect was narrowing with passage of time. People started showing their agony and disliking for such laws like in case of a law which debarred people from wearing multicolor dresses, they used slashing technique to bring the contrast in fabric which was considered as rebellious behavior towards the authority.

Medieval costumes were divided into many layers for both men and women. Earlier three pieces of clothing underskirt, bodice and robe were considered then it came to one and then again to the five pieces of underskirt, skirt, bodice, vest and collar. Unlike Tudor periodís circular designs of clothing, barrel- shaped and square shaped were in fashion for men and to get that look medieval costumes were widened at shoulder. Pirates were also seen in the expensive and extravagant renaissance dresses and accessories except lower crew members.

>Renaissance era for its outfits can be considered as revolutionary. The artisans and craftsmen explored their views beyond the boundaries to bring the new changes, accepted the good happening around them and made their tailoring technique advance. It is fun to be in the attire of bygone eras as well as a great learning experience about past of our heritage.

>For more information about renaissance clothing, pirate dress, medieval clothes and renaissance costumes log on to renaissance-outfits.com.

Shopping for medieval clothing & renaissance clothing

Online retailers has made the shopping of medieval costumes much easier and convenient task until then people have look for store to store but online shopping too comes with some hiccups. It is not easy to find a right dress from the vast collection and sometime it looks like a tricky task. It happens, often people get confused to select from the wide range of collections, so how will you make a choice. Here are a few tips to find a right renaissance outfit for you.

Looking for specialize medieval dress shop

Searching online will hardly take a few seconds to find a website that sells medieval clothing but not every other website sells the genuine renaissance clothing. Every online retailer claims about the authenticity of their products and loudly says that they sell the best product and buyers fell in their fake promises. It is not difficult to determine a website that has mastered in retailing medieval clothing and can be determined by number of products it sells and its shipping arrangement for worldwide delivery.

How to get a right suggestion

If you have zeroed on a website for purchasing your desired costume dress then the next part is to view the review for website. The best review you can get from customerís testimonials. Their views on quality and look of product will help you to make a decision.

Go for the website that offers more options

Purchasing very low cost renaissance costume is an option when your budget doesnít allow for expensive costume but in the long run the dress can cause problems. Your purchasing decision also gets affected by the number of varieties offered by a website for a particular dress. For instance, you want to buy a medieval costume for a medieval theme based party and the website you have chosen to buy the dress only offers single option. What will you do? Donít settle for a single option of product you liked because the more options make it easier to choose better dress. Leading online costume retailers have more options for a single outfit.

Look for the website that offers quality service

Here, the quality service is not only means that a store has to provide you renaissance costume but the same also has to satisfied you with a secure online transaction, cost effective shipping charges and transparency in exchange and return policy. Customer satisfaction should be the sole criteria of leading online stores. Reasonable shipping charge with excellent delivery service is good for both customer as well as retailer. The list of such facilities goes on and on that you will have to take care.

If you are looking for medieval clothing bear the above given points in mind to refrain from any kind of online fraud or if donít want to get intimidated by any false claims. To browse renaissance costumes and medieval outfits we recommend you to visit tudordressing.com. We are the leading online retailers of Tudor outfits and renaissance clothing.

Whether it is renaissance fair, theme based parties and events or other occasion people enjoy enacting as a medieval person. The rich cultural history of medieval period attracts the modern age mankind. The medieval costume plays a major centre of attraction. Medieval clothing was all about complex design, elaborate and elegant fabric and was strikingly beautiful. The important function of the costumes was to determine the oneís status in society. The person with elaborate and expensive dresses was paid more respect and recognition.

The most considered people in renaissance outfits were royals and nobles. Whatever they used to wear now considered as costumes and outfits. The magic of such magnificent dresses is that they are still worn on events and occasions. Modern style wedding dresses are greatly inspired form medieval renaissance costumes.

Middle age costumes designed for Nobels and royals were tight and uncomfortable to wear but it was normal for them, a thing of daily routine. Wearing such clothing makes them proud and confident but we consider these clothing as tight and uneasy to put on. The idea of medieval men and women in a closely tight dress has entered the mind set of people. This thinking has been made more strengthened by the descriptions that we found in books, paintings and pictures based on middle age history. Wearing a medieval costume was more or less painful experience for people of higher stature but the cost of pain was paid in terms of great recognition. Today, nobody wears these dresses in daily life, if someone would he or she will look weird and awkward. Their usages are limited to some special occasions only like wedding or renaissance fairs.

In the whole appearance of medieval men it was important to highlight their elegancy and masculinity. Shirts of long sleeves with jackets, coasts or vests as top and twill breaches as pants were the most considered garment for men. The all time favorite bold and beautiful gowns were on top choice for women. Sheer sleeves, square and elaborate line and strokes were most favored in gowns. The people belonged to higher stature were allowed to wear fabrics of bright and loud colors. Most preferred colors were gold and metal while violet and dark blue were equally famous.

Medieval accessories too had a great role in completing the look of medieval men or women. During medieval era, clothing accessories and costumes were inseparable. People used to wear them by wish or by forced law. The magnificent accessories were remained with higher class people and the people of lower status had to satisfy themselves with low quality accessories.

Medieval period is not only famous for medieval renaissance costumes but also for the stuffs like knights dressed in armor, prince, princess and magic. Medieval outfits provide you the distinctive and wide array of clothing to select. The colorful history of medieval outfits has provided us dearth of options to portray different characters.

The history of medieval clothing is century ago but it is still influencing the modern day wardrobes. Renaissance-Festivals.com is more focus on medieval dress, renaissance clothing that has immense impact on modern day renaissance costumes.

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