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If you live in a cold climate, this winter you should pick up a pair of heated gloves. These highly technical designs in heated gloves will be great options that you will be so grateful you picked up when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Sparkle in Your Sequin Dress

Are you looking to really sparkle this season? If you are going to a fancy party then you need to wear a sequin dress. They are fun and trendy and incredibly stylish. A sequin dress will really bring the spotlight on you because you will shimmer all night long. Forget about all the other dresses that only allow you to blend in with the rest of the crowd and wear something that has a little glitz to it!

Be Sassy in a Leather Dress

Do you want a way to look like a bad girl but in a fashionable way? What better way to do that then to wear a leather dress? You can look incredibly chic and sassy in a leather dress and stay confident and comfortable. If you need a dress to wear to something fun and fancy, then why not wear one of these to strut your stuff? Stay classy but bring out your bad side in this dress and really make the heads turn!
The term slipper simply means foot wear that can be slipped on to the wearers' foot. Slippers are also known as house shoes.' These leather slippers are semi-open and comparatively lighter in weight than most shoes. Traditionally worn only as house footwear leather slippers are presently worn even outdoors.There are several styles and fun design available in slippers. For a heads up on the latest trends in slippers read on.

Top Picks In Men's Dress Shoe

For that smart casual or more formal event, a dress shoe is a definite requirement. Men's Dress shoes are worn by many as standard daily shoes, and are widely used in dance, for parties, and for special occasions. Read on to know more about the more popular trends in men's dress shoes.

Trend Alert! Cloth bags

With the economy in recession mode, stylish and functional cloth bags at affordable prices seem to be the way to go. For a stylish and chic range of functional cloth bags look what we've laid out before you. There are types and types of cloth bags. Some that use leather patchwork and are stylish and versatile in design; some that feature' internal as well as external pockets, zipped closures and a buckle design; some that have an adjustable shoulder strap and that are made from durable really and sturdy material. So which one's your type? Read on to find out.

Trends In Golf Shoes

A game of golf involves intense concentration and walking around the golf course for almost the entire duration of the game. Golf shoes made to meet your needs on the golf course. Some of the leading brands that manufacture golf shoes include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Polo, Oakley and Callaway amongst many more.

Why you should own a pair of Medical shoes

When they first appeared, shoes were meant just to protect out feet. But today the outlook towards it has changed. Shoes are not worn just to protect our feet but also to make a fashion statement. Due to the extensive development in the fashion industry even shoes these days are manufactured using the most advanced technologies. The use of superior material and advanced technology has made shoes a lot more comfortable and functional. Medical shoes are a fine example, designed for ultra-comfortable feel and exceptional foot care.

Hot trends in Women's fashion sneakers

Flexible and colorful sneakers are hot this summer. Single-tone and multi-tone sneakers are selling like hot cakes. Make sure you add this must have to your trendy shoe collection. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, these fashion sneakers will definitely make you stand out in a sea of boring hues.

Top Picks in Pink Bags

Pink is the flavor of the season with many designer brands featuring designs in pink in their collections whether it is pink bags or pink shoes. Pink is a versatile color having the ability to look both simple and flamboyant or demure and bold. Pink bag is ideal as it can be used in combination with just about every color.

Popular styles in a tote

A tote isn't simply just a storage accessory, but as much a reflection of your personal style as your clothes and shoes. Not only does it let you carry your essential personal items, but it lets you do that in style. Each season, the biggest fashion houses from around the world redefine fashion with new trends and designs, and here are just some of the most popular styles in a tote.

Chic Pointed Toe Heel Shoes

Pointed toe heel has a tapering vamp resulting in an almost triangular forefoot with pointed tip in the toe region. This design complements almost all the different styles of footwear with a stunning and striking end result. Read on for the latest trends in chic pointed toe heel shoe designs.

Essential Guide to Patent Flat Shoes

Patent leather simply put is leather with a plastic coating for gleaming and shiny look. While patent leather retains the durable and pliable characteristic of leather it also has a glimmering mirror finish. Patent leather flat shoes are making a comeback on the fashion scene in a big way. Patent flat shoes are both comfortable and trendy complimenting both casual and formal ensembles.

High Fashion In Pointy Toe Shoes

Pointy toe shoes are ultra glam and stylish footwear featuring a tapering vamp ending in a pointed toe. Pointy toe shoes are fashionable and trendy and fast catching on to the fashion scene. This style is being used in all types of footwear due to alluring and appealing design.

Hot Trends In Fashionable Prom Shoes

The Prom Night is the highlight of almost every student's college life. It is little wonder then that great many preparations are made towards this day right from a stunning prom dress to prom shoes and other trendy accessories.' The right fashionable Prom shoes can transform even the simplest outfit.

Shopping for Outdoor Shoes

Outdoor shoes are customized and modified to for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, running or fast paced games like foot-ball, tennis, basketball among others. The basic design of the shoe is reinforced to obtain high performance outdoor shoes.

Shopping for Sexy Black Shoes

Women can own ten pairs of sexy black shoes and you bet they will still look out for more. Each pair of shoes could have a story to tell, a memory to fall back on and a reason to celebrate. No wonder then, women lust and drool after these most sought after accessories. Every Shoe-ologist worth her salt would recommend having at least a pair of black shoes in everyone's wardrobe. The reason- you just can't go wrong with these, period! Whether you are looking at owning your first pair of sexy black shoes or your hundredth, you still need a style file to refer to before you swipe your credit card. Take a look at some of the hot picks available this season.