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Turn Heads in a Vibrant Formal Dress

If you are in the market for a formal dress, then look no further than these top looks in formal dress for fall! From short hems to shimmery materials, this list will have you looking fabulous no matter the event.

Designer Ties For the Stylish Men

What better way to look stylish and absolutely refined then by wearing designer ties? If you are looking for a way to make your look really stand out while you are at a fancy event or while you are at work, then you need to start wearing designer ties. Look good at the next event that you attend and make everyone envious with your impeccable style and taste. Who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks, especially when all you need is a simple tie to make that happen!
If you want to bring a little edge to your everyday casual looks, the best and easiest way to do that is to pick up some studded belts! Paired with a cardigan to your favorite t-shirts, these gorgeous designs in feminine studded belts will bring out the edgy side of your everyday looks!

Stay Fashionable in Fashion Sunglasses

Do you want to look stylish and fun in your sunglasses? If this sounds like you then you need to be sporting fashion sunglasses instead of just your old ordinary pair. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your look instantly, then throw on a pair of fashion sunglasses. You will instantly look chic and will ultimately allow your look to transform into a walking fashion forward trend! Who doesn't want to look fashionable these days? And you can in an instant in fashion shades!

Indulge Yourself in Cashmere Scarves

Do you want something to keep you warm while also being extremely soft to the touch? Then you need to treat yourself to cashmere scarves. If you haven't' already done so, you need to wrap yourself up in cashmere scarves to stay cozy during the cold winter months. Who doesn't prefer the soft touch of cashmere opposed to much harder fabric? If given the choice wouldn't you rather warm up with something really soft and luxurious?

Boys Ties For the Young Gentlemen

Boys ties can come in many different styles to be suitable for all young men. Boys ties can come in stripes, solids and many other prints and will be able to turn any young man into quite a gentleman. If you are looking for a tie for your son, then you need to find one that he will actually want to wear and one that will match what he is wearing for the special occasion he is attending.

Hit the Track! Men's Running Shoes

If your back and legs are hurting and your arch supports have died, it is about time to consult our running shoe buying guide! Invest in the future of your feet and check out what's new in the running shoe world.

Shopping For Trendy New Heels

Stylish high heeled shoes are popular among women of all age groups and are fast gaining popularity in men's shoe designs also. A heel is simply a projection below the heel bone on the underside of the shoe. Some of the different types of heels are flat heels, kitten heels, stilettos, cone heel and spool and wedge heels. Although thought to be a modern invention by many, the origin of the heel has been traced back to several centuries. If you want to pick up a pair of stylish new heels read on for the latest styles dotting the fashion scene this season.

Top Picks In Trendy Men's Shoe

Men's footwear has seen a huge impetus with a greater majority of men paying greater attention to fashion and style. For information on the latest trends in men's shoes browse through.

Top Picks In Women's Boots

Women's boots are an excellent way to accessorize an outfit and are available in a variety of styles, designs, and materials. Women's boots include tall boots, mid-length boots, ankle boots, casual boots, wellington boots, winter boots etc. Women's boots can be worn not only for protection against the cold or water but also to bring an edge to your outfit.

Top Picks In Women's Black Loafers

Women's black loafers are versatile casual shoes high on comfort and breathability. Loafers have a moccasin like design and are lace-less. Women's black loafers can be paired with a number of outfits like a pair of jeans or casual pants, skirts, slacks etc. Some loafers have a formal look and can be safely paired with your work outfit.

Why You Should Own A Pair Of Men's Fringed Boots

Fringed boots are a popular choice for both men and women. Men's fringed boots made a strong comeback in the fashion circles, at the start of the present millennium. Fringed boots are fit comfortably and are a hit with trappers, mountain men, and exotic dancers. Fringed boots are a Hollywood favorite these days, although during the 70's they were used by swimmers after a swim and other sports-people for their insulating quality. The boots are ideal to wear with cutoffs or jeans.

Women's Flats Buying Guide

Women's flats are the ultimate in comfort. With no high heels that can cause back pain if you used for long, flat shoes are easy on the feet as well as the posture. Women's flats can be worn with casual clothes as well as work or dress clothes, depending on the style of the flat shoes.

Winter Must Have: Men's Dress Boot

Boots are a type of footwear and were traditionally worn for protection. Contemporary boots are ultra fashionable with great attention paid styling and performance. Different styles of boots are available for different purposes and occasions from formal boots to casual and work boots. For the latest designs in elegant men's dress boots read on.

Pink Leather Bag Tips

Pink Leather bags are versatile and can be teamed with formal as well as casual ensembles. Pink is being hailed as the new black by the fashion brigade and it is no wonder that the number of stylish pink leather bags dotting the fashion scene is increasing. Tote bags, hobo bag, clutches, wristlets and satchels are some of the popular designs currently seen in pink leather bags.

All you need to know about Pink Mary Janes

The Mary Jane shoe design got its name from the character with same name in the comic strip Buster Brown that popularized this style of footwear. The classic Pink Mary Jane's design had patent leather upper, low heel with a wide closed round toe and featured a single-buckle strap across the instep and or around the ankle. Pump shoes with a strap across the vamp or instep are called Pink Mary Jane Pumps. These pump shoes are often associated with Lolita fashion and Goth fashion and have thick platform and high chunky heels with overstated buckle and grommets.

Buyers Guide to Penny Loafers

A loafer is footwear having slip-on construction first sighted in Norway and popularized by American Tourists. A Penny loafer is basically a loafer with a narrow band stitched onto the vamp customarily having a festooned opening in the center into which a penny may be placed. It got its name by the practice of American Prep students inserting a penny in the diamond shaped band across the vamp of the popular 'Weejun' penny loafer intending to make a fashion statement.

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