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What is the most important dance in every young woman's life? The prom! Every girl wants to have the perfect prom dress so that she stands out from the rest of her friends. A prom dress can come in all styles, but a girl needs to find one that is just right for her so that she feels confident and beautiful, just like any princess would! If you are going to prom this year and are confused with what type of dress you should wear, then you need to get sopping and see what is out there!

Get Cozy in a Cashmere Wrap

Do you need something to wrap up in to keep you warm while also keeping you stylish? Then you need to put on a cashmere wrap. For the ultimate luxury, a cashmere wrap is perfect for you! There are many different types of wraps to choose from, whether you are interested in wearing one that is warm and heavy or one that is sheer and light. Whatever you need the wrap for; you will be able to find one that is just right for you.
Custom hats are a great way to show off your eclectic sense of style any time of the year! These great looks in custom hats are sure to have heads turning!

Guide to Finding the Best Dress

A dress to a woman is really her signature piece. She can have her hair done, bronzed skin and all of the luxurious accessories in the world, but if her dress isn't just right, then her outfit is just off. Stop wasting your time on buying dresses that are not right for you, and instead get one that is just perfect. In order to find one that is right for you, you need to look at all of the different styles and see which one peeks your interest and looks the best on. Dresses should make you feel good, while also allow you to stay comfortable and chic, so you need one that you feel the best in.
If you are planning a party, or are about to be in one, these great styles in party hats are sure to have you at the center of attention! Pick up these great looks today for fun and festive party hats for any occasion!

Shopping Guide To Ball Gowns

Balls gowns are to be worn on the most fancy of occasions. Ball gowns are important to any woman because she wants to show off her style and elegance the moment she walks through the door, and she needs a dress to help bring the attention to her. In order to look good in a gown, you need to feel good and that only happens when you find a dress that really speaks to you and makes you feel gorgeous.

kangol hats are back!

When I think about Kangol Hats, I think of hip-hop legends like LL Cool J and the men of Run DMC. Remember when they use to wear those fuzzy hats while paring them with those Adidas track suits? Old school hip hop artists like these put Kangol hats on the map during the 80's and early 90's. However, as years went by, the famous kangaroo bearing head wear label slowly faded away from the fashion scene. But now in the 2000's, the brand has fully revive their hat line, incorporating modern and smart designs for the masses. Using sophisticated fabrics like tweed and wool, alongside implementing clean and classic designs, have made this brand extraordinary once again. Don't believe me? Well here are just a few examples of Kangol hats that are worth checking out.

Your Favorite Little Black Dress

A black dress is really like no other. When a woman doesn't know what to wear or needs an instant confidence booster, the little black dress is always there for her to wear. She, who doesn't know the power of this dress, has not yet owned one or at least one that they feel the best that they can in. If this sounds likes you, then you need to find one that fits your body just right, is comfortable and just looks amazing on. Once you have found the dress, you will be able to call on it anytime you really need it.

The Hottest Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli'the name says it all. Over the years, I'm sure all of us have learned to love and adore his contributions to the fashion world. From the red carpet to the runways, the namesake brand has exploded its iconic mark on fashion history. Celebrities and fashion-worshipers alike are simply infatuated with his chic and distinctive Italian design aesthetic. And although the legendary brand is more known for its elegant and eye popping evening gowns, there is yet another Cavalli line that must be praised. Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, like the rest of the fashion house's lines, are truly unique and one of a kind. A far cry from other popular designer sunglasses such as the hipster styles of Ray Bans and the elusive chicness of Chanel, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses have a signature style all their own.

I heart wristlet purses

If you're like me, then you are probably obsessed with purses. From hobos to clutches I love them all - and I have a fun time shopping for them. But one handbag that is getting a lot of attention theses days is the wristlet. You know that I'm talking about; those small, cute and handy handbags that comfortably wraps around your wrists. Wristlets is such an easy alternative for those times when you don't want to lug a big bag around. Honestly, I not only love them, I heart wristlet purses. Not just because they're functional, but they are much more fashionable than ever before. There are just so many beautiful wristlet purses out there that I just had to features some of the hottest and trendiest wristlets this year.

Choosing a Corset Dress for any Occasion

For an edgy or playful look choose a corset dress. The features of an authentic corset dress include a snug bodice that can be laced in the front or back. The most common color and material for authentic corset dresses are black and leather. Corset inspired attired features uplifting bra cups, flirty laces, fun tiers, and short lengths. Almost all corsets are strapless. Wear a corset dress to show off your feminine curves, and highlight your ability to take fashionable risks.

Essential Flat Shoes

As someone that's an avid high heel wearer, I must admit I am feeling a little guilty towards my beloved heels.. I've been neglecting my precious stilettos for a something a little closer to the ground. Flat shoes, or 'flats', have been fast becoming a wildly popular shoe style for women everywhere. From ballerina flats to knee high boots, flat shoes are a comfortable option for those fashion forward mavens that not only want to look fabulous but have all the comfort in the world. So with all that said, what are the hottest trends in flat shoes? Here are some key flats designs that any girl will go ga-ga over.
With the holidays fast approaching, now is the great time to pick up a new party dress. These flirty designs in a party dress will have you being the center of attention at any party you attend this fall and winter. Hot Hot Hot!

LBD: Lovely Blue Dress

In fashion circles LBD means little black dress; we've decided to update the acronym with a new twist: lovely blue dress. Blue is the color of a Robin's egg, the beautiful sea, and your new dress. Black is versatile and a go to color, but blue gives you the opportunity to stand out in a sea of little black dresses.

A Polo Dress for the Preppy and the Casual

A polo dress is casual and preppy. If you are looking for a dress that you can just put on and go but still look very put together, then you need to wear a polo dress. You can keep the dress extremely casual with flip-flops or even sneakers, while you can also dress it up a bit with strappy sandals and jewelry. These types of dresses are perfect for so many women because they are so comfortable and easy to wear.

Designer Frames For the Designer In You

Are you looking for a way to stay stylish while also keeping the sun out of your eyes? Then you need designer frames! If you are looking for way to stay cool while you are wearing glasses, then you need to change up your old eyeglasses to some chic designer frames instead! By just adding a little something trendy or fashionable to your eyewear, you will be able to make your look incredibly stylish and fun.

Shopping for Power Ranger Costumes

The Power Rangers costumes are in town to save the Halloween season from dull and boring costumes. Power Up in your cool and funky power ranger costume this Halloween. The Power Ranger costumes are based on the characters from the television series the Power Rangers.

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