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Get Your Kicks with K-Swiss!

For the man who exudes relaxed confidence, is a style maven, or an athlete at the top of his game, our essential guide to K-Swiss shoes will surely solidify his reputation.' Iconic in the world of tennis, K-Swiss shoes has broadened their fan base, serving up fashion forward shoes with casual style.

Why You Should Own a Yellow Dress

A yellow dress is the perfect antidote to brighten up your day. Don't be fooled into thinking that bright colors are only appropriate for the spring and summer months. You can wear a flashy color like yellow all year around. Eva Mendes, Leighton Meester, and Drew Barrymore have made yellow dresses work for them even after beach season has passed. Here are a few guidelines to get you started:

Tips, Tricks, Dos & Don'ts for Neckties

Neckties are an easy way to spruce up an outfit, and with the countless number of designs and styles available, you are sure to find a necktie that fits your personal style. Men's neckties are worn as an accessory for business, professional, religious, and special occasion attire. For men that wear ties on a daily or weekly basis, you may already have an assortment of ties to choose from and may just be interested in new necktie styles. Men that wear ties once in a great while may grumble and complain about the accessory, but after you get a look at your choices, we know you're grumbling will cease.
If you love Smith Optics, then you understand quality sunglasses with impeccable design. These great looks in Smith Optics will have you looking stealth and sophisticated for those wonderful sun-filled days!

How to wear Studded Belts

This year, if there is one fashion trend that is exploding everywhere, it has to be basically anything with studs. From bags to boots, it seems that any notable fashion designers are using the metal stud to 'bling' up their merchandise. Personally, I'm ecstatic to see this trend come back, because that means that I can pull put my old studded belts. Back in my high school days, I use to love wearing those studded belts. I would wear them with my standard teenage uniform, jeans and a tee for years. This is probably why I'm glad to take my old studded belts out of obscurity, but this time I'll probably use them with more diversity this time around. There are tons of ways to wear studded belts, so if you are not sure how to incorporate them into your already existing wardrobe, then stick with me and I'll give you some tips to wear studded belts.

Look Good in Aviator Glasses

Move over General MacArthur (and Lindsay Lohan): it's your turn to sport aviator glasses, and wear them in a way that won't soon be forgotten! Super stylish and seriously fun, we love that these glasses are back. Sexy and cool, their slightly over sized, rounded rims definitely do the trick when it comes to taking on sunny days in style. Before we dive into some of the latest, hottest trends and takes on classic aviator glasses, let's take a quick look at where they came from, who wore them first, and why it is that these shades rock a little harder than any of the other sunny day options.

Shopping for Asics Running Shoes

When you're hitting the pavement, there's nothing more important than having a pair of shoes that will work for you. As one of the continuing top picks in athletics, Asics running shoes are the way to go for any serious, long distance runner. (Or, for those of you who run casually, but really want the best support you can find.) With so many options around and comfort, support, and durability being so crucial, it's important to know where to begin. We've gathered the regulars for top performance, and the best of the best of the latest releases in Asics running shoes so you can hit the streets without missing a beat!
These are a just a few of the hundreds of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and eyeglasses you can find here on This consistent brand would never lead you down the wrong path, and you can count on Dolce and Gabbana to provide you with top quality and fashionable designer sunglasses.

Discover the world of designer sunglasses by purchasing your very own pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. The Italian fashion house has dressed men and women in designer clothing, footwear, handbags, and sunglasses for over 20 years. The fashion house focuses on items that will outlast trends and that maintain classic and timeless fashion status. D&G is the company's younger and more hip fashion line, and hip pieces are its staples. Are you ready for the latest and greatest Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses?
Dragon sunglasses are edgy and definitely a favorite amongst action sports lovers out there. These unique styles in Dragon sunglasses will definitely have your keen sense of style in mind. Shield the sun in style with these hot looks!
Having a bad hair day? It happens to all of us at some point or another. If you have a day full of running errands, and simply cannot be bothered to blow out your hair and primp for a casual day out, pick up any of these adorable looks in military hats for a great way to look stylish and hide your frizzy 'do!

Spice Up Your Look With Bowties

Bowties are the perfect accessory for any man who really wants to spice up his look. If you are looking for a way to keep your look stylish, but allow it to be a little different from the rest of the men out there, then you need to work bowties into you wardrobe. What better way to show your personality than through your neckwear? Everyone cares about the suit that they wear, so why shouldn't they care about the accessories that match with it?
If you want to buy into some of the latest trends this fall, but aren't sure which one, the easiest and most affordable one would be to pick up a great designs in fedora hats. Fedora hats are great ways to hide a bad hair day, and can also look exceptionally chic when worn with your new winter overcoat. Have fun with these designs by mixing and matching them with different looks this fall and winter!

Burberry Scarves Are Pure Sophistication

There is something so classy and sophisticated about Burberry scarves. Not only are they stylish, but Burberry scarves are also incredibly timeless and never seem to go out of style. If you want to stay warm this season, while looking fashionable, then you need to wrap yourself into one of these scarves. There is no other scarf out there that will give your look such style and class. The best thing is that both men and women are able to enjoy the look of these scarves!
If you love slightly retro looks in sunglasses, pick up some Smith sunglasses for great looks that bring you back to the swinging 60s! These hot looks in Smith sunglasses will have you going back in time and looking sophisticated and chic!

Stay Sleek in a One Shoulder Dress

What defines the word sexy? A one shoulder dress! If you have never slipped into one of these dresses, you are missing out! A one shoulder dress is perfect for any sexy night out and will make you feel incredibly confident and chic.' Not only are these dresses sexy, but they can be very classy too. They take sophistication to a whole new level, and we are pretty sure you are going to enjoy it!
Dying for a new pair of sunglasses? If so, pick up some luxurious Versace sunglasses! These classy and elegant designs in Versace sunglasses will definitely garner you the attention you love to get from admirers. Walk down street in these designs and your look is instantly glamorized!
Von Zipper is a name renowned in trendy and fashionable eyewear. These trend-filledVon Zipper sunglasses will be so amazing to wear and will make you look like the cool fashionista or stud that you are!

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