siddhartha Upadhyaya

Siddhartha is a graduate from National Institute of fashion technology, India. His dream has been to color the canvas of fashion in a unique sustainable way. Siddhartha has been working with notable designers of India. His signature DPOL technology has been acknowledged and appreciated at National level seminar by stalwarts of fashion and textile industry. Also, won best innovator award in the field of fashion, at NIFT in May'2008. He has enthralled his audiences as a principal speaker for his

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Sustainable fashion is fashion that is designed to be environmentally friendly. Fashion designers have recently adopted the idea of sustainability, using more environmentally-friendly materials and methods in clothing production like reduction in wastage, reduction in chemical usage, usage of scrap fabric, gunny bags etc. But are the apparel made out of them actually wearable? Yes, the answer is Dpol technology which can produce ecoi friendly garments which can actually divert us to sustainability keeping the costs low, so as to influence the fashion market on a big picture