, an online eyewear retailer, announces the launch of the app featuring its 3Dfit technology. The app for iPad is now available for free download in the iTunes app store. This revolutionary technology allows customers to accurately see how frames fit without ever stepping into a store. Shoppers can browse a growing inventory of brand-name glasses and sunglasses, share styles with friends and even buy frames all within the app.

Blending Hollywood special effects with advanced computer modeling, the app gives shoppers the ability to virtually try on hundreds of frames in less than a minute, making it easy and fun to discover the perfect look. Unique facial mapping software allows the app to produce a true-to-life 180 degree view of the user's face showing how each pair fits in 3D and letting shoppers compare side-by-side images of each style. Because the technology places a 3D model of the glasses over a 3D rendering of the user's face, shoppers can even reposition the glasses, tapping the screen to "slide" frames up and down the bridge of their nose just as they would in real life.

Jonathan Coon, CEO of's parent company 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc., acquired the URL in 1999 but was waiting for technology to advance before developing an app. "The base technology has been there, but perfecting it to the point we have has taken significant time," said Coon. "We didn't want to just replicate the offline shopping experience—we wanted to improve it. Throughout the development stages, we've worked to create a tool that's so true-to-life it's not only fun, but actually useful in making a purchasing decision."

Available for iPad with other platforms and web to follow, the app houses a full shopping experience that allows you to try and buy with just a few swipes. For a second opinion, the app has a built-in "share" feature that allows users to send the images to family and friends and receive tallied voting results. After finding the perfect pair, orders can be placed directly from the app with free returns guaranteed.

From the same people behind 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc., carries an expanding selection of eyewear and sunglasses including popular brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Burberry, Versace, Maui Jim and GUESS. With competitive pricing, free in-home try-on and 24/7 customer service from opticians and eyewear experts, shoppers can have confidence in their online eyewear purchase.

The app featuring 3Dfit technology is poised to change the way shoppers purchase eyewear. "Up until now, augmented reality was something of a parlor trick," said Coon. "It was fun but just not accurate or easy enough to be useful. Our hope is that the app will be to augmented-reality shopping what 'Toy Story' was for computer-generated animated films—it's just the beginning."

To download the app, visit the iTunes app store today. Visit for more information and to browse the catalog.

A division of 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc., began 10 years ago when the makers of 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc. purchased the URL for the website with the intention of improving the eyeglasses shopping experience and providing the same top-notch customer service for which it is known. Today, is an online and on-the-go eyewear shopping experience designed specifically with the consumer in mind, offering top brand and designer names with high-quality and personalized customer service. Working directly with popular frame manufacturers and a world renowned lens manufacturer,'s trained opticians and style experts help customers get both the product and look desired, guaranteed. Users can visit online at or through the app for iPad which includes patented and patent-pending 3Dfit technology.

About 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc.
1-800 CONTACTS, Inc., a subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., is the largest retailer of contact lenses in the United States, and is dedicated to making it easier for consumers to purchase contact lenses. 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc. offers all of the most popular brands of contact lenses at competitive prices while delivering exceptional customer service.  The company has served more than 8 million customers, stocks more than 15 million contact lenses, and delivers more than 200,000 contact lenses every day directly to customers. Through its award-winning website,, and its easy-to-remember, toll-free telephone number "1-800 CONTACTS" (1-800-266-8228), the company ships an industry leading 98 percent of its orders within one business day of receipt and verification of prescriptions. Through its division, the company offers leading name-brand glasses, free In-Home Try-On, free shipping, free returns and innovative solutions for the consumer interested in purchasing glasses online. is dedicated to changing the way the world buys glasses.

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