Announcing the launch of STYLBAR, an application that offers real-time fashion and style engagement, as users get feedback from friends, stylists and fashion enthusiasts. STYLBAR democratizes the concept of styling services, a resource formerly limited to celebrity and well-to-do clientele.  The platform makes it easy to post, comment and seek real-time photo-based fashion feedback at either the point of purchase or in the decision-making process "worth the cost, hot look?"  The launch marks a new social platform geared exclusively toward lifestyle fashion apparel and accessories.

STYLBAR's mission is to incent individuals in a collaborative environment to improve their fashion choices. How it works: Aspiring fashionistas, or simply those in need of fashion advice, take a photo and ask a private circle of friends or style experts in an open setting regarding a purchase or ensemble. Fashion influencers are invited to join the conversation and make meaningful suggestions on a certain look or trend.

The mobile app also unifies active brand ambassadors with a dynamic following, encouraging fashion expertise through earned style points by offering feedback or posting trends.  Stylists, bloggers and haulers now have a streamlined way to monetize their talents right at their fingertips. STYLBAR opens a direct-line of communication between stylists and their customer base.

"STYLBAR is a fashion community where inquiries are answered by people who truly know style best," explains Detra Wilson, CEO of STYLBAR. "We offer a unique social styling tool that is usefully different from other social platforms.  Our app invites stylists, retailers and inspired consumers to bridge the communication gap and showcase their creative spirits," says industry veteran Lammert Westerhoff, CTO of STYLBAR.

STYLBAR has also recruited a wide range of fashion influencers and brand ambassadors to share the latest trends and style feedback, including:

Celebrity Stylists: Marina Monroe (CEO of Stylehaus), Taye Hansberry (Hot – Stuffshelikes) and Jacqueline Rezak(Rad and Refined)

Celebrity Personalities: Irene Neuwirth (CDFA Nominated Fine Jeweler) and Ken Baker (TV Personality for E!).

Fashion Bloggers: Samantha Hutchinson (couldihavethat), JaceyDuprie (damselindior) and Lisa Pullano(BeautySplurge).

Founders Charlie Chanaratsopon (Charming Charlie), Allison Beal (StyleSaint) and Brett Brewer (CrossCut Ventures)

The STYLBAR application is now available on iTunes App Store.

STYLBAR is the first app to democratize style advice.  A community of fashion-interested individuals that share styles in a conversational way. 

To join the STYLBAR community, go to

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