On July 13, 2013, Midtown Miami officially welcomes a new business to the neighborhood, Midtown Pawn Boutique, an upscale, revolutionary, Miami-style take on the traditional notion of "pawn." 

"It's like the Neiman Marcus of Pawn, the Mercedes-Benz of Pawn, the Tiffany's of Pawn... you get the idea," laughs President, Adriana Hernandez, "it's the complete opposite of the dark, cluttered, seedy places you may have seen on Law & Order or in the movies." 

Indeed it is. The grand facade features a giant mural that takes up the entire front and side of the large brand-new building – one that took over 5 years to complete. The mural, created by Wynwood artist and girl-power darling, Diana Contreras (best known for "Sofia Rose"), will be unveiled at the grand opening. 

The subject of the mural might seem an odd choice for a pawn shop, until Hernandez tells the story behind it. It is inspired by Queen Isabella, who, as legend has it, pawned the crown jewels of Spain to fund Christopher Columbus' speculative voyage to "India," an investment so successful that it lifted her kingdom out of a crippling debt that almost ruined it.

Hernandez says, "It's no different today. You'd be surprised at how many of our clients are visionaries or businesspeople who want to take their unused assets and trade them – temporarily – for the capital they need to invest in a new venture or project, and who were turned down by traditional banks. We offer a safe, cost-effective alternative for financing. The way we see it, we don't make loans, we fund dreams, just like Isabella did 500 years ago."

The unveiling of the mural is just one part of the Midtown Pawn Boutique's Grand Opening festivities, to be held Saturday, July 13th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, during Wynwood Art Walk

Aside from the unveiling, music by DJ Maximus 3000 and the free-flowing food and libations, the Grand Opening features a unique twist. Guests are encouraged to "Bring An Asset" to the party and have it appraised – an Antiques Roadshow-inspired way for guests to jump in and learn firsthand what their often-overlooked possessions are worth. Valuation Specialists from a variety of fields, from art and jewelry to antiques and handbags, and everything in between, will be onsite educating guests on "the story of their stuff." 

Midtown Pawn Boutique is the brainchild of the family owned Jimenez Group, a US-based collateral lender that has operated for over 50 years. The Boutique will cater to an upscale clientele with valuable assets who may have never before considered pawn as an option. In addition, Midtown Pawn Boutique will also buy and sell items out of the posh locale, including designer handbags, jewelry, watches and other upscale luxuries. Who knows, is Pawn the new Prada?

During the event, donations will be gratefully accepted to benefit Dr. Gigi's Raise Me Up Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 that provides free recreational programs, family support services and therapeutic programs to children with special needs in the South Florida Community. Says Hernandez about their commitment to this organization: "My son is autistic, and I know firsthand how amazing the work they do is for mothers and families like me." 

About Jimenez Group
The Jimenez Group operates a chain of over 60 retail outlets that specialize in Buy – Sell, and Collateralized Loans (Pawns). In Latin America the company operates under the E Jimenez Y Asociados name while in Miami the company operates Quick Cash, Daddy's Cash, Miami Jewelry, CashMart, and the Midtown Pawn Boutique. The firm also owns CVNet – manufacturers of state-of-the-art Pawnshop Management Software. The family run business contributes towards Autism Awareness and participates in raising funds to assist children with Autism.

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