For the lucky attendees of The Great Gatsby world premiere, once the credits stopped rolling, the fun had only just begun. In an after-party for the ages, Samantha Sackler Productions brought to life the outrageous and lively atmosphere of a Jay Gatsby party, allowing guests to revel in the opulence and decadence of the 1920s.

The Grand Ballroom of New York's Plaza Hotel was transformed into Gatsby's mansion, complete with an 8-piece live band blaring the upbeat music of the Roaring Twenties and thousands of butterflies hanging from the ceiling only adding to the whimsy. Guests were whisked down a topiary-lined pathway amidst a soundscape of crackling gravel and chirping birds straight into Gatsby's home, and awaiting them inside was a six foot champagne-coupe tower. The Gatsby-inspired line of Art Deco furniture, featuring champagne-colored suede, was custom-made for the event by designer8* Event Furniture Rental and in true '20s fashion, just past 11:00pm the ballroom was transformed in the blink of an eye into a dark and sexy speakeasy. Scenes were rolled in, hidden elements were revealed, the lights turned a deep red, and 15 performers wearing costumes from the movie were backed by a live singer as the over-the-top transformation was completed. Show-stoppers in and of themselves, the costumes were truly brought to life in the midst of all the revelry. 

"We wanted to recreate the elaborate, extravagant atmosphere of a Gatsby party as authentically as possible, to make everyone feel as though they were really living out the scenes they had just seen on the big screen," explained Samantha Sackler, the CEO of Samantha Sackler Productions and the woman behind the wonder. "The official costumes from the movie, the band, the food, the furniture—everything was as it would have been in Gatsby's world."

A night to remember, the party was an absolutely fitting tribute to Jay Gatsby. And though the party may have halted, it never truly stops. designer8*'s Gatsby Furniture Line will be available for rent from here on out. For more information on Samantha Sackler Productions and to turn your next event into a Gatsby-inspired extravaganza, visit

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