Global fashion and apparel software specialist, Momentis Systems, has released its latest eBook offering expert guidance for retailers on exploiting the global fashion franchise management opportunity. The eBook's author, Momentis Systems' UK Managing Director Dominic Potter, reveals how the franchise model offers the lowest risk route to international markets but explains how inefficient management processes of franchisees and insufficient understanding of new markets result in huge overheads that are unsustainable.

Potter outlines common mistakes made by retailers when exploring global markets - many overestimating scalability of existing domestic models, while underestimating the requirements of customs documentation and the value of local knowledge - and offers his expert guidance in managing a profitable franchise model.

The eBook offers a best practice guide for retailers wanting to realise the franchise vision in new thriving economies such as the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Commenting on the benefits of implementing effective fashion franchise management processes, Potter says, "Adopting an intuitive web portal that manages the entire product ordering process, provides supply chain tracking, automatically creates customs documentation for each territory and provides complete visibility over the franchisee order and sales figures, radically reduces the manual effort associated with overseeing individual franchisees."  

Potter continues, "Consolidating these processes enables both retailer and franchisee to readily access vital merchandise information and ensures consistent product quality, brand and messaging. By streamlining the whole franchise network via the web portal, retailers can confidently embark upon international expansion and scale up rapidly to gain significant additional revenue."

About Momentis

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Momentis is a global provider of software for fashion and apparel wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, franchisees and self-sourcing retailers.

Through its partnerships and alliances with a select group of industry-leading companies that provide complementary technologies, products, and services, Momentis provides a complete product portfolio to customers worldwide.

The company has been specialising in ERP Apparel, Wholesale, Sourcing, Product Lifecycle Management and Franchisee Management products since 1975.

In 2012, Momentis established a presence in Europe, opening an office in Central London, UK and Momentis now supports over 250 brands worldwide.  Momentis calculates that over $7.5 billion of sales are transacted through Momentis software every year in over 60 different countries, across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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