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OL requisite elegant winter woolen coat style
By salina yuan
Published on 12/26/2012
Should office lady how to dress up themselves in the cold winter ? The winter woolen coat is absolutely essential item of the office lady. The winter woolen coat should how to collocate then can show the elegant and charming temperament. Do you want to learn more about the winter clothing collocation skills? Today, author teach us whether woolen coat collocate with skirt or pants also can show the fashion sense. letís go to the korean fashion online shop: to have a look. A little light blue woolen coat, the color is very novel, the classic double-breasted decorative, piercing straight as a ramrod posture, which take the black dress, under wear black boots, and elegance filling completely. The skirt style woolen coat with a fur collar fur collar design, is not it make more sense of fashion? Inside the ride a black shirt, under wear dark red woolen skirt, black tights, black boots, workplace ably Queen style. Big red woolen coat, silver buttons decorated, luxurious extravagance, red special passion significant personality. With mixed colors high collar sweater wearing black leather stitching trousers feet, with high heels, ably reveals the elegant taste. Light gray plush collar Slim coat, light gray can highlight the temperament, plush collar looked very extravagance and luxury, black sweater inside the ride, the next wearing blue high waist skirt, coupled with stockings, high heels, simple and capable. Bright orange woolen coat, fur collar style, simple self style, upper body effect is very good, with a white sweater, under wear woolen skirt coupled with black stockings and black high heels, elegant and generous. Dark woolen coat, like a cloak of design styles, worn on the body is very personalized, which take the skirt, and black tights, black high heels, the the simple atmospheric trace of deep feminine. Unilateral fur decorative woolen coat, waist, lace style, outlines the graceful posture, fur decorated even more fashion sense, which take the white primer shirt, under wear suit pants, high heels, office workers is necessary to dress like. British style tartan sub-coat, a little fresh sense of the petty bourgeoisie woman, especially a mood to it, which take the yellow bottoming shirt, under wear black leggings, brown boots, a sweet young. More Korean fashion wholesale are supply from the Korean clothing wholesale online shop. There are supply the all kinds of wholesale clothing ,women dress wholesale 、wholesale women shoes etc.Welcome you to click into our website ,and wish you can find your favorite style