is fully launched, the company announced recently.  The Michigan based newly developed website offers its members everything a social website does but with additional functionality and interaction revolving around fashion.  The site offers its members the ability to make clothing matches or create outfits for each other.  When a purchase is made as a result of a match, both the designer and the requester get awarded points which can be used towards future purchases.


By signing up and logging in to the website members will discover a world of fashion that is unique and rewarding.  They can create a profile, introduce their fashion style, color preference, favorite brands, and let others on the site know who they are and what they like.  Currently, youtrendme offers private messaging, posting, friendship requests, and a news feed. "The development team is currently planning to implement further intricate functions," said John Gardner, VP of Technical Development. The two main sections of the website are "youtrend" and "trendme".  "youtrend" aims at members who wish to make matches and create outfits. Members can utilize "trendme" to place a request for a match or a full outfit for an event.  Moreover, youtrendme's unique model thrives on the ability to reward its members. For every purchase made, points are awarded. Similarly, youtrendme also rewards members who help complete an outfit or make a match.

" is a social website that revolves around everyone who is looking for an innovative and exciting new way to shop," said Blendi Sullaj, President and Founder. "We have partnered with well-known and hand selected retailers and have populated our site with their catalogs.  Our aim is to give members the ability to create amazing outfits while interacting with each other, but also to get rewarded for the time spent on the website."

About youtrendme, LLC:

youtrendme, LLC is a Michigan based company. It provides its website members the means of social interaction focused on clothing, retail and fashion. was initially conceptualized in 2010. It took the company 1.5 years of design and development to be able to launch a Beta version in October 2012 which was immediately followed by the recent full launch. 

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