is a portal to a collection of online retail directory websites that harness the power of pictorial search and offer a completely new way to shop online. Instead of the bland text-based results found on regular search engines and directories, where each result looks identical to the next, adopts a pictorial approach and uses the brands and logos of the retailers to display results in a way which is engaging, colourful and fun to browse.'s unique approach allows search results to be browsed much faster, as the human brain can "read" pictures far more quickly than it does text. Logos can be recognized and distinguished from each other almost instantly, and ten times as many results can comfortably fit on one page. 

Compared to the 10 text-based results you might find on a regular search engine, each page on comprises a grid of 100 squares, each containing a logo. Text about the retailer and the products they offer, together with a link to their website, is displayed when the logo is rolled over. Advertisers will find that the investment they have made in building a strong identity pays off as the better and more eye-catching the logo, the more attention and click-throughs it will receive. 

"Businesses invest serious time and money in building their brands and creating strong logos to distinguish themselves from their competitors," says Steven Baker,'s founder. "Logos are designed to grab our attention, leave an unforgettable impression and encourage us to make choices. As consumers, we identify businesses by their logos every day on signs above shops, TV adverts, billboards and magazines etc. but internet search seems to have missed out on the power of the logo to communicate quickly - either the logo is relegated to a tiny image which is an afterthought to the text, or it is missing altogether. aims to bring the power of branding into the search space." currently contains brand-focused retail directories for menswear, womenswear, kids and baby, tee shirts, jewellery and watches, gifts, sports gear, food and drink, house and garden, health and beauty and computing - so it's the ideal online destination for holiday shopping.

Logo Directories Limited

Logo Directories Limited is a privately held company with offices in Hertfordshire, UK. The company designs and develops brand-based directory websites which harness the power of pictorial search.

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