Approximately 79 million US baby boomers are about to retire, and have vastly different wants and needs than the generations before, says a recent article on Meeting their needs and wants is an opportunity for some enterprising manufacturers and online suppliers to shine.

"Boomers comprise 85% of our Cool-jams buyers, so we know for sure with these kinds of sales statistics, we are definitely solving a boomer problem. In fact, online businesses that address a specific problem like night sweats or aging skin are indeed some of the most successful online businesses out there," says Cool-jams Sleep Products founder Anita Mahaffey.

Night sweats due to hormonal changes during menopause are a major complaint, resulting in discomfort in bed and many hours of sleep loss.

Cool-jams' doctor recommended, moisture-wicking sleepwear, with its light, soft cottony feel is a top performer in helping regulate body temperature due to night sweats. To make sleep time even better Cool-jams also offers a variety of temperature regulating bedding products. Soft cooling sheets, pillows, and blankets, as well as superb cooling mattress pads are a proven way to stave off restless nights, says Mahaffey.

Boomers present other opportunities for new products, such as:

         Stiff hip joints and knees and lower back pain are common ailments

         A tummy bulge that just won't shrink, despite exercise and healthy diet

         A loss of collagen that creates unwanted wrinkles and dull, dry skin

         Thinning hair and other age-related conditions

Companies are responding to the challenge.

When it comes to fashion, and specifically form hugging jeans, there are now special jeans that will transform, not only how you look, they can change how you feel.  These comfortable jeans are designed with a new technology that gives gentle control in front, eliminating belly bulge, while lifting and shaping in back. A huge plus for fashion conscious baby boomers.

To improve the health and appearance of aging skin, many dermatologists and estheticians recommend products containing glycolic acid, a natural product from sugar cane, that helps dissolve the outer layer of the skin and stimulate new skin growth. Certain websites specializing in anti-aging products suggest regular glycolic peels to reduce uneven skin tone, create new cells, and help reverse years of sun damage, a common complaint for aging adults.

Vitamins also play an important role in the rejuvenation of skin. Taking daily supplements like vitamin A, which helps prevent dry and flaky skin and increases skin collagen production; vitamin C which helps treat and prevent sun damage; and vitamin E which hydrates, skin will become healthier and more youthful. There are numerous online vitamin stores marketing specialty vitamin products to the menopausal woman.

Thinning hair, often associated with hormonal changes brought on with age, can be combated through regular use of special hair products that are designed to reverse hair loss. These products blend essential amino acids, proteins and vitamins to create product that accelerate hair growth, reduce breakage and hair loss, resulting in visibility thicker, fuller, healthy hair according to researchers at DC Labs.

For baby boomer gardening enthusiasts, certain gardener's supply catalogs recommend stretch knee pads that provide all-day comfort for stiff knees, while weeding or planting. Made with soft, stretchy fabric and gel padded cushioning to help with gardening comfort.

So for active boomers everywhere, age related issues could be a thing of the past thanks to the many solutions offered by innovative online businesses targeting this age group.  According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 82% of Americans over 50 use the internet to research health and wellness issues, while spending over 7 billion dollars online annually. 

Today more than ever, aging adults are seeking healthier lifestyles, according to The Hartman Group consumer research. As a result, baby boomers are creating a new way of living and finding new places to spend their discretionary income.