Agent155 Media Corp. (AGMC.PK), a provider of multi-media content management; providing exposure, networking and collaboration opportunities to Film, Music, Art, Sports, Performers, Fashion, Writer and Industry Agencies worldwide, today announced that it is securing Round A $1,000.000 of $5,000,000 Raise.

Christopher Martinez, CEO/Founder of Agent155 Media Corp. stated, "As stated in Prior Press Release, Agent155 Media Corp. is Fully committed to the Launch and Funding of" 

All aspects Film, Music, Art, Sports, Performers, Fashion, Writer and Industry Agencies can "Be Your Own Agent", upload trailers, short films, webisodes, full films, reels, music, photos, bios, all forms of digital media in any format and a large amount of storage on the secure site for FREE.  Agent155 Media Corp. will not own end-user content, instead will provide all of the tools necessary for independent, creative talent, from around the world, empowering Internet driven exposure.

About Agent155 Media Corp.

Agent155 Media Corp. is based in Denver, Colorado. The company offers a FREE, high-quality online presence for the global artistic and athletic communities through its website, provides Fashion, Performer, Art, Sports, Music, Film, Writer professionals and amateurs a multi-media content management solution, enabling the creative and athletic world a collaborative forum to network and develop via - "Be Your Own Agent" (c)

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