September is an exciting month, with fashion weeks taking place all over the world in the well-established fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan and Paris, as well as up-and-coming Copenhagen and Shanghai among others. Over the course of the SS13 shows, lace detailing captured our attention and has instantly become a hot fashion element of the moment.

An array of our favorite designers included lace in their collection, and proving yet again to be one of the hottest emerging brands, JSSHAN has created a unique range of lace dresses with overwhelming response from customers.

A lace dress appears dignified and elegant, so it's no surprise that lace is one of Kate Middleton's fabrics of choice. A trendsetter who influences women's fashion all over the globe, the Duchess of Cambridge started the lace craze with her exquisite white lace wedding dress, sparking a trend everywhere.

JSSHAN's designs show that, in addition to being a delicate fabric, lace can also showcase edgier looks. With this versatility, lace has earned itself a big role among red carpet outfits and catwalk shows all over the world.

As one of the hottest emerging brands, JSSHAN grasps the changing fashion trends. JSSHAN's lace garments are available in an array of colours such as crimson, black, and violet, and range from strapless designs to short sleeves. Ribbon girdles and tulle stitching fishtail elements are both popular choices as they bring out the wearer's beautiful curves, guaranteed to make a stunning sight at any occasion.

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