A busy mom of a two and a five year old with an exotic name, Yulia Bernardini, is now a designer and founder of "The Rear Pocket". Her product, which took her a year to create, is a trendy, multi-purpose skirt that comes with a little waterproof booklet of affirmations in the rear pocket. The so-called "pocket pal" was created with a profound understanding and appreciation of a female living in the modern world. Yulia claims: "You are bound to get enthused and make things happen for yourself!"

On her company's website www.TheRearPocket.com Yulia elaborated on "Why a skirt?" subject.  She wrote: "I was pampering up for a get together with my girlfriends. Dressing under the influence of a habit, I grabbed a pair of cargo pants I'd been wearing around the clock. Jeans, trousers, capris, and NOT A SINGLE SKIRT in my whole wardrobe that had the sass and comfort I was used to. Mrs. Bernardini decided right then that women didn't have to compromise their sensuality when it came to being comfortable. The creator made sure that "The Rear Pocket" skirt had the qualities that a contemporary customer sought in clothes: style, comfort, durability and low maintenance.

Yulia wasn't thinking "outside the box", on the contrary, she decided to create one on her website! "Had A Bad Day? Spell it all out in the Black Box and feel relieved!" There is a 3 dimensional trash can that you see when you log into the site. It's a place to throw all the frustrations out and even get entertained.

To add to its uniqueness, the skirt is suitable for both work and leisure.  Which gives another excuse to own one or even a couple and "Mind your own SKIrT" – just like the tag line says. 

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