A reporter for Huffington Post recently claimed that leather fashions are "going to be huge" for the Fall/Winter 2012-13 season. CNBC similarly reported that, perhaps taking its cue from 50 Shades of Grey, leather and lace styles (as well as non-fabric materials like plastics, neoprene, and rubber) are trending for Spring 2013. Fashionistas and local designers are taking note; incorporating these materials in new and exciting ways. They're turning to online retailers like Gold Star Tool for the sewing supplies needed for these fashion expeditions. From the grommet hole cutter to the setter, studs, chains, and eyelets are easier than ever to add to even the thickest of materials. Gold Star Tool's stainless steel grommet setter can even work on materials like draperies, curtains, and even vinyl. All around the country, designers use Gold Star Tool because they have faith in their proprietary products and know that, no matter the size of the order, they'll get free shipping to anywhere in the country. Furthermore, Gold Star Tool carries the hand grommet setter and hole cutter in many different sizes, which can be seen on the company's website.

Hand-made touches, like embroidery, are making their way into vogue, too. The same journalist at Huffington Post cited brocade and military styles as being equally in the mode, both of which are rich in cross-stitching and embroidering details. International fashions frequently boast embroidered details that are not only gorgeous and cutting edge, they are reverent of the designer's cultural history. Plus, as evidenced by blogs and hand-crafters' websites, reclaiming vintage looks by adding new embroidered details is a fun way to stay fashionable and to hone hand-sewing skills. Gold Star Tool has affordable and well-made tools for embroidering, as well. From the embroidery hoop to thread to top-notch hand needles, Gold Star Tool's online store is a one-stop shop for any embroidery project. The company's embroidery hoops are new to their online store and have quickly become a best seller. With a sturdy brass screw to tighten fabric of any thickness into being stretched and sewable and a smooth finish, these frames make the embroidery process uncomplicated and portable.

Embroidery is not only making a splash in fashion, it's reestablishing itself as a lively form of expression. There are art shows dedicated wholly to embroidered work. Pop art has brought new life into embroidered works; fans and admirers of pop culture are embroidering and cross-stitching tributes to their favorite shows, movies, and more. Gold Star Tool's hoops work as frames, too, for displaying embroidery as artwork. In many widths of varying shapes (circle, oval, square, etc.), these embroidery hoops keep the focus on the effort involved in crafting the piece.

Gold Star Tool is the online retailer for Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies, a Los Angeles-based vendor of cutting and sewing equipment. Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies offers many products through its proprietary brand, including grommet machines, sewing machines, and parts for name-brand sewing machines, that cost way below the market value. A representative of Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies can be reached at 800-868-4419 or by visiting www.goldstartool.com.

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