There’s an universal truth accepted by both high heel wholesale sellers and retailers: While some girls declare that they will not sacrifice pleasantness for a pair of high heeled shoes, not a few of them get mad when it comes to the irresistible charm of high heels in a shop window, which is surely a not bad news for those who are doing high heel wholesale business.

Some women worship the high heels of some specific brands as their holy grail of footwear. When they are faced with a question that how they walk in them or if the high heels are not cozy enough, the answer would be “Most of them are OK as long as you wish to wear them”, or, “Who cares”. Anyhow, these women pick style of high heeled shoes over substance. While some women present that the high heels make them walk unskillfully and even fall over, more women insist walking in high heel shoes in order to be “qualified”. Many women have acquired good skills in wearing high heeled shoes.

Why there are so many ladies walking around in high heeled shoes that so obviously are bad for their feet & causing them pain with every step. The most sound reason accounting for this might be “the look”, and how this “look” has the women who choose to wear the high heels feel. Part of this look is one of slimmer and longer legs.

“When I throw on some stockings and my high heels I feel more confident.” said Dawn, a woman whose high heel collection becomes unmanageable. “It might be attributed to the height, but at every turn when I wear them with a good-looking bag... high heel shoes just make me feel more ‘put together’. It has nothing to do with other people. It has little to do with reason. I love them with incredible zeal.”

High heeled shoes impart a gentler and statuesque look. Since high heel shoes look great with a business suit, they have become a must for most office ladies. Because of that, many women choose to not wear high heels on daily occasions. They wear them for some special ocasions such as birthday party, date, or business meeting. This may give a reasonable explanation to a phenomenon that on some Fridays many girls at the office can be heard saying, "Why are you short today?" Many women who cannot wear tall heels tend to compromise by wearing shorter heels, like three and a half inches or shorter, in order to match their business clothes. A not very high heel looks proper. Flats or one-inch heels seem more practical. Some people think that they give women a more cultured appearance. Now the high heel wholesale businessmen are introducing numerous styles to meet the market trend, customized to different sorts of tastes and preferences.

Anyway, to carry a bag and always wear shoes that click when you walk has becoming closely associated with a woman’s professionalism.

What do men think of high heeled shoes? Hardly can a person deny the important status of the question. A pair of high heel shoes certainly help accentuate the leg and add a charm to the posture of a woman, which even means giving a woman more “stature” in a world of men.