Fitting snugly denim jeans or skinny jeans are great for a special classic style, thus normally liked by film or music stars and fashion pursuers. In practice, close-fitting jeans wholesale has remained a wonderful commercial opportunity for decades.

As skinny jeans are known for a super-slim shape, sometimes zips are put at the base of the legs to help pulling them over the feet. Elastic denim is the neccessary material adopted in close-fitting jeans with 2% to 4% spandex which keeps jeans elastic and comfortable to wear.

Fitting snugly jeans as a trend arrived at their peak in the middle of the twentieth century when rural music stars set out to don skinny jeans in their shows. It was also the age of the naissance of rock ‘n’ roll and close-fitting jeans became a statement style of the “rocking” stars or bands. Actually, the bond of rock ‘n’ roll with close-fitting jeans has built the “bad boy” look which is commonly spotted even till today. In the the eighties of the twentieth century, with the uprising of heavy metal bands, close-fitting jeans became stylish in the fashion world again. But later, in the early 1990s when hip-hop music took the place of the predominant status of rock ‘n’ roll, close-fitting jeans as well lost their fame. Later, in the early 2000s, close-fitting jeans are reintroduced to ladies by the famous model Kate Moss. Till now close-fitting jeans are still a essential piece for fashon pursuers, particularly public figures who like to keep a fashion look in public. Consequently, thesignificantly high demand has made close-fitting jeans wholesale very profitable.

Fitting snugly jeans taper completely at the bottom side of the legs, closely fitting the shape of the legs. But not everybody is blessed with the right figure to wear close-fitting jeans, which are known for a slim and glamorous look and look best on the women who have slim feet. It is quite common that famous stars are spotted in public donning close-fitting jeans in line with tee, shirt or any other leisure-like top. An outfit with a pair of close-fitting jeans makes you casual in style without losing your stylish look. That explains why popular stars love so much this kind of jeans in their daily dressing.

Fitting snugly jeans are viewed as easy matching not only with different tops but also with a variety of footwear. From boots, prom shoes to flats and even sandals, close-fitting jeans can go well with various types of footwear, depending on the surroundings they are going to match. Also, although most close-fitting jeans are still in blue or grey, they now are styled in other colors such as scarlet, green, black, and purple in all main wholesale markets.