Bridging the Gap between Fitness and Fashion to Reflect your Lifestyle

Fitmark™, an exclusive brand of bags for the fashionably fit, yesterday reveals its next-generation collection of custom-color bags called Freestyle.

Developed by Founder and CEO Mark Samuel and manufactured in the U.S., Freestyle bags will change the way you think about working out and the bag you carry.

After a successful launch earlier this year with Fitmark's ever-popular Class, Velocity, and Tote Bags, they are taking the brand to the next level and offering customers the chance to design a bag that reflects their lifestyle perfectly.

"Allowing our customers to customize their own bag has been part of my vision since the beginning. We're all fitness enthusiasts here, but the way we train is as individual as our style and that's something I wanted to reflect in this new Freestyle line," said CEO Mark Samuel.

With sponsored athletes like fitness icon, Ava Cowan, and CrossFit Games contender, Neal Maddox, Fitmark represents all fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are driven, successful, and committed to excellence.

Fitmark Bag Details

        Bags range from $110 to $169
        Features include tailored compartments for laptop, shoes, sports bottle, toiletries, phone, and more
        Custom, hand-selected fabrics, colorways, leather accents, detailed stitching and ergonomic design
        Free shipping and free returns in the USA.

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About Fitmark

Fitmark is the premier bag and luggage brand for fitness enthusiasts. Our products are designed exclusively for the person who takes pride in every element of their look. Starting at $110, our exclusive line of fitness-centric bags reflect a mark of success, style and sophistication because we believe everyone can have it all in one bag. We know fitness and sports enthusiasts, as well as athletes and fitness professionals, put a lot of time and effort into designing their body. At Fitmark, we're no different. 

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