Navigating the fashion landscape can sometimes feel like trying to keep your bearings amid an expanse of rolling sand dunes. Indeed, the world of fashion is ever-changing, and if you don’t keep abreast on the shifting sands of time, you can easily get lost.

But it is precisely this special brand of unpredictability that makes fashion so fascinating and enticing to the creative mind. Who will be the next visionary, and what medium will suddenly rise up to take our collective breath away?

Perhaps one of the most noticeable uprisings in fashion in the last decade has been the resurgence of T-shirts as more than just the clothes you wear to mow your lawn or to sweat it out in the gym.

T-shirts afford a blank canvas unlike more focalized styles of clothing. They also provide the option to directly call upon words and symbols in ways that are more difficult (though not impossible) to incorporate into other breeds of ware. Not to mention the opportunities T-shirts have given artists for making a living and sharing their talent, as evidenced in Terry Fan’s “A Beautiful Death” and Joe Carr’s “Voyage Home”.

In an age of mixed-media, T-shirts are a self-expressive hybrid ready to carve a new niche in an old medium and just may become a landmark you can count on.