As one of the finest bikini brands available in the marketplace, RELLECIGA is among the best. One of many primary causes of its accomplishment would be the RELLECIGA angels used for the marketing and promotion campaigns currently being performed; the great determination in design and quality control is also, no doubt, a factor.

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RELLECIGA is one of the largest sexy bikini manufacturers. RELLECIGA has what you are looking for, and more, with a total investment of USD$5,000, 000. RELLECIGA supplies all types of sexy bikinis. The annual output is over 1,500,000 pieces. RELLECIGA mainly sells products to US, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, South Africa, East South Asia, Korea and Taiwan.

The personnel of RELLECIGA are happy to introduce themselves as experts in women's bikinis. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, they offer nothing but the best bikinis for women around the globe.

RELLECIGA does not have a very long history, but everything they do, they do it great. In October 2010, RELLECIGA launched, and has been adhering to maintaining a cost-effective fashion and sexy bikini brand. In March 2011, RELLECIGA launched its first series of swimsuits on-line, with the attention in original design, innovation in process and handicraft, and determination in quality building materials such as Lycra, microfiber, nylon (spandex), and every other high-grade raw fabric. Every piece of RELLECIGA's fabric has been made through strict accordance with international standards and environmentally-friendly dyes.

In March 2012, RELLECIGA launched a "Cheer up – RELLECIGA Bikini Beauty" activity in Beijing. Within the 100-day countdown of the big summer sporting event in London, RELLECIGA will continue holding this series of activities such as Bikini Beauty China, Bikini Beauty World, and Bikini Beauty Yacht. With the champions in each contest, RELLECIGA will lead a nation-wide tournament to cheer up people who take part in the summer sporting season, and people who love sports.

In April 2012, "Yellow Storm, Yellow Dream"- a model of RELLECIGA yellow bikini swimwear has been launched in the US and Canadian market, followed by a whirlwind within young and trendy sexy female users in North America.

In May 2012, The Ultra-Large iMAX LED Screen of NY Times Square displayed and published the RELLECIGA "Yellow Storm, Yellow Dream" advertisement. For the first time, NY Times Square offered a bikini brand showcase downtown. Meanwhile, over 500 mainstream press, websites and media reported this amazing news of RELLECIGA on that day.

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