Even as more and more of us adopt the habit of glancing at our smart phones or other high-end personal electronics for the time of day, famed Los Angeles retailer Gideon's Fine Jewelry is reminding customers that a truly fine watch makes a statement no electronic device possibly could.  Watches have a history that goes back as far as the 17th century, when they represented a major advance over the spring powered clocks that were on the leading edge of time-telling technology during the waning days of Europe's renaissance.

Amazingly,  such fine high end pieces of modern day functional jewelry as MontBlanc watches still often use the same basic technology -- though the instruments inside the watch are, in fact, manufactured to a high degree of precision using the very in latest computer technology. Of course, it's not what's inside the watch that we see, but the beauty and high quality workmanship that makes a great watch a piece of jewelry as well as a functional timepiece for keeping on top of our daily schedule. Whether you are talking about the rugged beauty of MontBlanc's sport watches for men or the elegant, yet strong appeal of the company's gorgeous timepieces for ladies, it's clear that the style of a traditional watch remains as alluring as ever.

Of course, great watches deserve a great retailer and Gideon's Fine Jewelry is the best place online to browse through the enormous selection of  products from the world's most outstanding watchmakers. Whether it's the beauty and delicacy of Michele watches  for women or the excitement and functionality of a Zodiac Adventure Quartz Chronograph, Gideon's is the place to stay in touch with the quality and old-school craftsmanship of a really fine chronograph.

"I'd actually stopped wearing a watch," one customer said to Gideon staffers. "But then I realized that people who only use their phones to tell time have really lost something.  Looking around your website reminded me that there's just something about the feeling of having that slight weight on your wrist that just feels right. You can't imagine James Bond telling the time by looking at his phone, and I don't think I should have to either. It's also nice not to have to fish a tiny computer out of your pocket just to check the time of day. "

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