ďIn summer 2012, many new trends and old trends are back and better than ever. However, there are also some trends that are definitely out for 2012. Use this handy guide to help you choose which trends to focus on and which trends to avoid this summer. With the help from this guide, you can retain your fashion confidence and know that the items you choose will fit you into 2012, and not in 1980 or some other decade. Use your best judgment before purchasing any new trend to ensure it fits in with your lifestyle, personal style, and the fashions for this year. If you follow these rules, then you will always fit into the modern look without looking like a fashion disaster.Ē

Hot: Platform Sandals

Sandals this year are all about the platform. You can hardly purchase a pair of sandals without a platform at least 1 inch high. Several platform styles are popular this year, from the 1970 wood platform, to the modern flatform, which has an entirely flat sole throughout the shoe. Platform sandals with wood bottoms, cork bottoms, and espadrille bottoms are the prefect summer shoe for nearly every occasion.

Not: Platform Flip Flops

Platform flip flops were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is too soon to wear these styles again. Platform flip flops look dated and do not match what is popular for 2012. If you have any platform flip flops remaining in your closet from past years, leave them there. They may become popular again, but it isnít this year.

Hot: Cigarette Pants

The cigarette pant is a pair of pants that has a gently tapering leg and a cropped length to about the ankle. These pants were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s when women first started wearing pants. The pants are typically made from dress pant materials, such as linen, silk, and silky cotton. These pants are hot for 2012, and are prefect for wearing anywhere from home to the office.

Not: Capri Pants

Capri pants were extremely popular a few years ago, but today they are considered an old-fashioned and ugly style. The difference between a Capri pant and a cigarette pant is the length. The Capri pants usually end just below the knee to mid-calf. Capri pants also often flare out at the bottom, making the legs appear wider than they really are. Capri pants, while comfortable and cool, are not considered a fashionable style for 2012.

Hot: Crop Tops

The crop top is back for 2012, but it is not the crop top of the past. Todayís crop tops are looser, and often have large arm holes. These shirts are ideal for wearing with the longer, camisole-style bras that are also popular right now. The crop tops typically end just above the belly button. You can wear a tank under the crop top if you donít want to show any skin.

Not: Tube Tops

Tube tops were popular in the past, but no longer in 2012. A tube top is too simple for the fashions of 2012. Styles of today are all about layering, adding color and texture to any outfit. A plain tube top does none of these things. If you do choose to still wear tube tops, throw on a crop top or another loose blouse over it to make the look more current.

Hot: High-Low Hemlines

A high-low hemline is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Some skirts have dramatic differences in the front and back and others are more subtle. This variance in style gives the skirt or dress visual interest. Often, a high low hemline will have a shorter solid skirt under a sheer over layer.

Not: Harem Pants

Harem pants were popular for a few years, but they are completely out in 2012. If you purchased harem pants in the past few years, donít get rid of them just yet. They may come back for future years. Just donít wear them out until they do. Choose cigarette pants or a skirt to wear instead.

Hot: High Waisted Shorts

There is a very fine line between high-waisted pants and mom jeans, but high-waisted is in while mom jeans are out. High waisted pants come up to the belly button or above, and have a tight fit around the legs and rear.

Not: Mom jeans

 Mom jeans usually have a lighter wash than newer styles, and they also are saggy in the rear and legs. Avoid mom jeans at all costs to avoid looking like a 1990s soccer mom.

This is a guest post provided to the Fashion Newspaper by Liz Conaty.  Liz currently spends her days perusing and exploring the world of womenís fashion.  She loves womens dresses and is obsessed with finding new types of womens clothing