There are certain foods that are not just beneficial to health but also vital to beauty. Consider the following:

This awesome veggie is considered as a miracle food as it is loaded with down home goodness and super nutrition. With lots of Vitamin A, it is great in increasing the turnover of cells on your skin. Your skin is renewed quickly so it always looks fresh and young-looking.

All berry fruits are rich in oxidants. They can be eaten alone, with your cereal or in combination with other dishes. Berries don’t just play an important role in preventing heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and other bodily ailments but also a potent beauty food.

With its anti-oxidant, it helps your body absorb free radicals. Teeming with Vitamin B, it looks after the health of the body-cells and aids in the prevention of other ailments.

Brussel Sprouts
This beauty food is high in fiber, vitamin C and may help prevent cancer.

This is a vitamin A-rich veggie which reduces cholesterol, prevents heart attacks, and wards off certain cancers and many others bodily disorders.

Eggs are a great iron-providing alternative for people who are not so keen in eating red meat. It keeps skin healthy-looking and also great in protecting people from other diseases.

Fish Dishes Rich in Omega3
Omega3 is the “good fat” which is found in tuna, shell fish, sardines and salmon. Apparently, the “good fat” prevents any type of inflammation. It boosts heart health and lowers triglycerides; it also keeps you healthy and your skin looks youthful.

Flax Seeds
In lieu of fish, seeds of flax provide essential fatty acids that are good for the body and the skin. Instead of eating seeds coming from flax, you can use seeds from flax oil in cooking. Studies showed that these potent seeds may help fight everything from heart disease and diabetes to breast cancer.

Get your rich source of Vitamin C from this fruit; it is a solution for skin problems as it delays or reduces wrinkles. Additionally, it has many anti-cancer agents that help fight a host of diseases.

Green Tea
If you do not usually drink water, use green tea as substitute. It offers over-all body benefits, especially the skin. It provides beneficial effect on breast or prostate cancer too. Drink it hot or cold with less sugar or milk.

Lean Rea Meat
Poor skin is caused by inadequate iron in the diet. Red meat is a great way to prevent looking pale and having dark circles under your eyes. It helps prevent the risk of cancer and heart disease as well. But of course, avoid eating red meat with high fat.

Low Fat Dairy
Dairy products are healthy food as they provide Vitamin A that can be good for health; keeping your bone, teeth and skin strong and healthy. Be sure to choose low-fat versions of dairy products.

Like grapefruits, it is a rich and powerful vitamin that protects your body from many harmful diseases and illnesses. It aids to give you great skin too because of its vitamin C content.

These are fruits rich in anti-oxidant which can aid in maintaining the health of your
body and skin . Other benefits are its ability to produce and absorb body iron, improve circulation of the blood and enhance growth of healthy body tissue.

This veggie will make you as strong and as active like Popeye. Decreased risk of aggressive prostate cancer is one health benefit of spinach consumption.

Sweet Potato
If you do not want cantaloupe, this is a good option. It keeps free-radicals flowing freely and has the ability to fight off many types of cancer.

This is another food teeming with anti-oxidant. It treats urinary tract infections, skin ailments and diabetes, lowering hypertension as well as a good food for your skin.

This is a good alternative instead of seeds from flax and dishes of fish. It contains high level of omega3 which reduces the level of cholesterol, aids in the elimination of weight and overcomes the feeling of depression.

Whole Wheat
Whole wheat makes bakery products such as breads and cereals. It contains selenium which is good for the skin. The cellular level of your skin is improved and keeps you looking young and beautiful.

In addition to the beauty foods mentioned above, keep yourself hydrated with water. The more water you drink the cleaner your system is, since it flushes out toxins from your body.