Tattoo Vanish® is an innovative product and procedure that safely removes tattoos using NON-LASER technology. This ALL NATURAL product removes unwanted tattoos for those seeking employment in this tough economy.

Tattoo Vanish has opened their facility to train those who want to include this as an added service within their business, or who desire to open a tattoo removal business using the Tattoo Vanish method.

This new career opportunity has attracted individuals from across the United States and around the world to seek Tattoo Vanish training. "At the present time Tattoo Vanish is the only training facility and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada," said Lisa Shealy, Sales and Marketing Director for Tattoo Vanish.  

The Tattoo Vanish procedure uses a method of tattoo removal similar to receiving a tattoo or permanent makeup to the skin, which minimizes the damage. Completely safe on sensitive areas, this method has been perfected to make it far superior to other types of removal processes. "With 50 to 70 percent fewer treatments, it is rapidly becoming the number one method of tattoo removal in the World," said Mary Arnold-Ronish, CEO and Founder of Tattoo Vanish. "Less treatments means less cost to the client."

In addition to tattoo removal, Tattoo Vanish's sister company, Professional Permanent Cosmetics, provides advanced procedures such as scar camouflage, skin re-pigmentation, hair simulation, and areola restoration and coloration following breast reconstruction from mastectomies or other breast surgeries.  Mary Arnold-Ronish is the creator and developer of this "cutting edge" method of removing ink or pigment from the skin which began in 2003. In 2008, she incorporated her product and procedure into the company Tattoo Vanish. Arnold is also a recognized expert in the field of color adjustments and corrective procedures such as lip color, eyebrows and eyeliner.


Tattoo Vanish® is located in Las Vegas and is a registered trademark.  The product and procedure are patent pending.  This revolutionary method is fast becoming the number one safest removal system in the world, and is the first tattoo removal procedure that is ALL NATURAL and NON-LASER. For more information on the procedure or to become certified to do the procedure, visit the website  "You have nothing to lose but your tattoo."

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